Why Paddlers Are Pumped Up About Our ISUP Pump

Best Inflatable Paddle Board Pump Canada

While the benefits of owning an inflatable stand up paddleboard (ISUP) over a solid fibreglass variety are clear, there is one "pain point" for many paddlers - the pump. This is a problem that Sea Gods spent much of 2021 trying to solve. We tested several pumps for and graded them based on speed, capacity, durability, portability and overall performance. Our goal was to select an electric pump that could function at optimal levels at all times, be user-friendly, resilient to damage, and even fun to use. Yes ... SUP pumping can be fun.

As a result, Sea Gods has launched one of the best inflatable paddle board pumps around - the HP5 Dual Action High-Pressure inflate/deflate SUP Pump by Stermay. This pump fits any Halkey Roberts valve and has attachments for all your inflatable watercraft. Below is everything else you need to know.

3 Reasons Why You Should Choose the Sea Gods Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Pump

1. Internal Battery for Greater Convenience

SUPers across Canada love the Sea Gods pump because of the convenience it provides. The pump boasts an internal lithium battery, which means that you can carry it with you right to the edge of the water to pump. Is the whole family coming along? Fret not, the battery allows you to fill up to four boards on a single charge. Most other options on the market (especially those that come with standard off-the-shelf ISUPs) must be tethered to your car so that it can be plugged into a power source. With our premium electric SUP pump, you have to lug the SUP from the parking lot up to the lake or waterway. Not cool. When it comes to convenient pumping, you simply can't beat Sea Gods. 

2. Built for Speed and Utility.

If you are an avid paddler, or have multiple paddlers in your family, the Sea Gods electric pump is designed to help you get on the water faster. Our new pump provides high pressure inflation to 16 PSI in approximately 15 minutes. In addition, the charger comes with various attachments making it possible to pump up other inflatables. If you forget to charge your pump, you can both power it and charge it from your vehicle. Need a little extra charge for your phone or devices? This electric pump also features a USB port for convenient charging. 

3. Awesome Features and Design Highlights for our iSUP Electric Pump

Whether you are new to paddling, or are a seasoned pro, we think these features will make your experience, start to finish, that much better:

  • Comes with a convenient carry case
  • Deflate port to make board deflation quicker and more compact 
  • Whisper Quiet Stage 1 pumping
  • Compressor kicks in at stage 2 for High Pressure up to 16 PSI
  • Automatically turns off at set PSI
  • Plugs into 12 Volt or standard outlet
  • Pumps 4 boards on a single charge

Don't forget Everyone Needs a Manual Pump (Manufactured from Premium Materials)

If you are out on a hiking adventure or camping trip, the manual pump will be your tool of choice. The Sea Gods pump is one of the best-reviewed pumps in Canada because of its superior materials and manufacturing. For one, it has a larger chamber than its predecessors and peers. It has also been designed with dual-action ergonomic handles. At low pressure, you can employ the dual-action feature so that the air pumps when you pull up and push down for faster inflation. Otherwise, you can switch to single-action mode at higher pressure (29PSI) so that the air only pumps when you push down.

In addition, the pump has an easy-to-read pressure gauge on the top of the handle which provides for an accurate reading while inflating. You won't have to worry about over or under-inflating. And on that note, the hose has a tight-fitting valve for a secure fit so that there is no air escape while inflating the board.

Like what you're hearing? Check out our Sea Gods electric ISUP pump here, or our manual pump here, both of which are available for purchase on their own. Looking for a premium iSUP? Checkout our signature 2021 and 2022 boards here. If you have any additional questions about why this is the best paddle board pump in Canada, contact us anytime

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