Best Stand Up Paddleboard Paddle for 2022

Best Stand Up Paddleboard Paddle Canada 2022

We recently reviewed the best pump for inflatable stand-up paddleboarding in Canada, and to help you launch your new year of SUPing adventures we now look towards the paddle. After all, it's what propels, turns, and stabilizes you when on the water. Despite the importance, very few paddlers are armed with an adequate tool for the board and waterways they navigate over and through. They continue to use the very same aluminum w/plastic paddle that came with the board they purchased or was recommended by Timmy at Canadian Tire.

Understanding this, Sea Gods has worked tirelessly to design and manufacture a superior paddle to ensure better performance and safety, whether you own a Sea Gods paddle board or otherwise. Let's review. 

3 Reasons Why You Should Choose the Sea Gods Paddle for Your SUPing Adventures in 2022 and Beyond 

Military Grade Carbon Fiber Construction 

Sea Gods' SUP paddle leverages the lightweight, subtly flexible, yet sturdy construction of carbon fibre in developing the handle and shaft, and boasts a durable dihedral teardrop-shaped nylon blade. As a result, users enjoy a far less cumbersome experience when cutting through the water. At the same time, they can trust that their paddle won't snap when pushing off against a rock, dock, log, and any other shoreline launch point or open water obstacle. The grooved shaft further enhances performance as it assists in keeping the paddle's handle and blade in line so your SUP stays right on target. In addition to tough-as-nails and high-performance design, the paddle has been manufactured with an ergonomic handle for greater comfort. The last thing you want is for your carpal tunnel to kick in during much-needed leisure time (leave that at the office). 

3-Piece for Adaptability and Convenience  

Looking for the perfect complement to your 1 or 2-piece swimsuit (or wetsuit) when paddling? Our carbon fibre 3-piece paddle is it! The seamless push-button connector and easy-open clasp make assembling and disassembling a breeze. This feature is especially important when you want to adjust the height of the paddle when on your board out there on the water. Different conditions absolutely call for such adjustments. Height adaptability is also important for those who begin paddling in their pre-teen or teenage years and need something that they can grow into. The 3-piece design makes packing your gear into a backpack and/or vehicle more convenient. This tool requires very little storage space during the "offseason", should you believe in that sort of thing. Lastly, you can use your paddle for a kayak conversion. The Sea Gods kayak paddle attachment effortlessly replaces the handle side of our 3-piece carbon fibre paddle. 

It Looks Cool 

We said this about our pump and we're saying it again about our paddle. Cool-factor is absolutely a consideration when purchasing a SUP paddle. But unlike the pump, the paddle is out there on the water with you, and will even be included in your action camera photos, ending up on your Instagram feed as a result. The ocean-surface toned blade carries the iconic Sea Gods emblem, while the carbon fibre handle and shaft connect to deliver a sleek black look that will catch the eye of all you glide or speed pass.   

View more about the Sea Gods 3-piece carbon fibre paddle, which is available for purchase on its own. If you have any additional questions about why this is the best stand up paddleboard paddle in Canada, contact us anytime.  


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