Best Christmas Gifts for Paddleboarders 2021

Christmas Gifts for Paddleboarders 2021 Canada

Christmas Day is upon us. Holiday shoppers are walking around with Peppermint Mochas in one hand and shopping bags in the other. The sweet sounds of Michael Buble fill the air. You should be excited, but you're feeling a little stressed. You still don't have a special gift for that special someone in your life. The good news is that they are an avid SUPer, which is why you hopped online and searched "Christmas gifts for paddleboarders". 

Even better, is that you have landed here on one of Canada's top resources for all things related to inflatable stand up paddle boards. Below is a list of surefire gift ideas for your favorite SUP enthusiast!

5 Great Gift Ideas for the Stand Up Paddleboarder in Your Life

1. Another SUP!

Don't think for one second that a paddling aficionado is satisfied solely with the one board they already have. Variety is the spice of SUP life! For instance, if they own a solid paddleboard, they will be excited about adding an inflatable stand-up option to their quiver. The benefits over solid boards are very notable, so you'll be giving a gift that keeps giving through all four seasons. This is especially true if you buy them the SeaGods' Diatom Ten6 - the ISUP everyone wants but has yet to buy for themselves. Have a look through our other boards to find one that matches the personality and lifestyle of your friend or family member. And don't worry about their old board collecting dust because owning a second board allows them to enjoy the paddling experience together with someone they care about - including YOU.

2. A New Pump, Paddle, Leash, or Other Essential Accessories

Best Christmas Gifts for Paddleboarders 2021

Even if your gift recipient is in love with their current board (must be a SeaGods SUP!) there's a darn good chance that they are in desperate need of key accessories. Perhaps they would enjoy a premium pump for their inflatable? How about an 11' top-quality coil leash? Or, if they love to capture their adventures on film an action camera mount makes perfect sense. Beyond these gift ideas, there are some great stocking stuffers to boot, such as this SUP Cleaning Trio.

3. Kayak Conversion

Best Christmas Gifts for Paddleboarders

Expand your friend or family member's horizons on the sea but give them the gift of a SUP-to-kayak conversion. How exactly do you accomplish this without magic? By wrapping up a kayak seat and paddle and placing it under the Christmas tree. The SeaGods kayak seat will allow them to rest their quads and enjoys the view from a lower and more stable position, while our kayak paddle attachment (or "blade") will allow them to slice through the water and change direction with ease. It's like buying them a whole new watercraft without taking on the equal cost.

4. Some SeaGods Swag

We've got some other great side-gift and stocking stuffer ideas for your paddler. Our online store is packed with all sorts of attire that they will wear with pride. SeaGods SUP-Life swag includes her-and-her hoodies, t-shirts, and even flip-flops that boast the designs of some of our most popular SUPs.

5. Give Back to the Community (through their gift)

Love the idea of giving them a gift that gives back to the community more than George Constanza's Human Fund? Then have a look at some of the charitable gifts in our store. These gorgeous yet affordable ($35 and $40) bracelets look amazing while spreading goodwill through Christmas and beyond. They are handcrafted with ethically sourced jewels by West Coast Artisan Megan Hunter of Orka Gems. All proceeds from the sale of each bracelet are forwarded to Sea Smart, which is a not-for-profit platform that delivers fun and solution-based programs and projects to people of all ages - inspiring us all to make a positive and lasting impact on our oceans. When you give this gift you are making an ocean-steward out of the recipient - something that they will be VERY stoked about. 

Contact SeaGods today if you have questions about the above gift ideas or if there is anything else you need to know.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

~ The SeaGods Family ~


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