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What Can You Do with a Stand-Up Paddle Board, Besides Paddle? 

Paddle Board Benefits - What Can You Do with a Paddle Board

The known stand-up paddle board benefits are pretty obvious. They provide a powerful vehicle for healthy outdoor fitness which leads to improved mental and physical wellness. That’s a given. However, when you purchase a Sea Gods inflatable stand up paddleboard (ISUP), you open your world up to a number of unforeseen opportunities. Below we have identified a dozen of them so that you can get the most out of your Sea Gods ISUP ownership experience. Let’s dive in!

12 Other Super-Fun Uses and Benefits of a Sea Gods Inflatable SUP that You Didn’t Even Think About


You may have already seen this out in the wild. You cruised by your local beach, peered out into the sea, and assumed that you’ve spotted what could only be a wildly tentacled Kraken only to find that it was someone doing a Headstand With Lotus Legs pose while perched on a SUP. That’s right, you can strike any yoga position you please on an inflatable stand-up paddleboard, but be sure to make it a Sea Gods ISUP. We have four ISUPs in our yoga paddleboard collection to choose from.


Paddle Board Benefits - What Can You Do with a Paddle Board

Tired of sunbathing on the crowded sands and beach parks near you? Avoid ogling eyes, unwelcome advances, sand in your bathing suit, and heatstroke by paddling out into calm waters to soak up the sun. All that you need is sun protection against harmful UVs (not Vitamin D) and the Sea Gods Medusa CX, which at 11 x 34" x 6” is the most stable ISUP in Canada.


A SUP is a SUP, and a kayak is a kayak, right? Nope! Not when you own a Sea Gods paddle board. With the purchase of our Kayak Seat and Kayak Paddle blade attachment, you can convert your ISUP into a seated watercraft that cuts through the water like a hot knife.

Prone Paddling

Do you hate pesky shoulder and back workouts in the gym? Or do you need to maintain paddling strength between surf trips to Bali, Puerto Escondido, or the North Shore of Oahu? Whatever the case may be, you can build your upper torso and strengthen interconnected stabilizer muscles by prone paddling (lay down paddling) on your Sea Gods ISUP. The deck of each ISUP is handcrafted with premium materials that are steadfast yet comfortable for full-body contact. Each board is highly rated for stability so that you (surfers) can practice your pop-up too!

Virtual Meetings

Sick and tired of Zoom, Google Meet, and MS Teams meetings ruining your summer days? Let others use fake tropical backgrounds for their virtual sessions while you paddle out into the real thing. The Sea Gods Medusa CX (11 x 34" x 6”) is so stable in calm water that you can set your mobile device up on a tripod and attend (or run) a meeting while straddling your SUP. You’re coworkers and subordinates may get jealous, but hopefully, your bold move will inspire them to do the same.

Throwing Shade

Some of the best paddling destinations in the world have beachfronts with nary a tree in sight. This can be a problem when it comes to acres-paddle relaxation on the sand. Instead of being forced back into the palm-fringed forest or resort (etc.) simply lift and position your lightweight yet sturdy Sea Gods ISUP against a rock, log, or even your gear and let it block the sun’s rays. Each ISUP features exclusive Apollo UV protective spray glazing which will keep the ISUP protected from the sun while it throws you shade for comfort. 


Paddle Board Benefits - fishing

Going camping or exploring and need to feed the brood back at the beach without a 7-11 in sight? Fret not when you’ve got a Sea Gods ISUP. While all of our sturdy boards can serve as a perch for a fisherperson with gear in tow, we recommend the Carta Marina CX. With dimensions of 12” x 32” x 6” it is the best inflatable paddleboard for touring and fishing in the ocean.

Dog Sitting

Dog companionship may very well be the most rewarding relationship in your life (we’re not here to judge). That being said, your pup depends on you entirely, which can be problematic when you want to enjoy a full day out on the water. The great news is that when you own a Sea Gods ISUP, you negate the need for a kennel! Check out our guide to choosing the best standup paddle board for your dog/s.

Dock Diving

No cliff, dock, or pier around to jump off of? Don't let a lack of infrastructure keep you from one of your favourite summertime activities! Instead, purchase the most stable ISUP on the market (click here). It’s so sturdy that you can paddle out and use it like an impromptu dock for jumping, diving, and making a big splash. If not with a friend (fellow paddler), attach the accompanying 11’ coil leash so that the ISUP doesn’t get away from you as you gradually ascend from an especially sweet cannonball. 


Paddle Board Benefits - hiking

Have hikes and trail walks become a little too easy for you? Sounds like it’s time to add a little weight to your load while adding another activity to the mix at the same time. Each Sea Gods ISUP purchase comes with this impressive hiking backpack that you can place your deflated ISUP in, complete with all accompanying accessories. With adjustable straps and low-friction material against the skin and light clothing, you can burn calories and build strength in comfort as you hike along favourite or previously unexplored trails. Ensuring that there’s a waterway at the end of it is simply the added benefit in this case.

Photo Shooting

Next to the premium military-grade materials for surpassed durability that Sea Gods ISUPs are known for, our boards are sought after by those who appreciate art and aesthetics.

All Sea Gods paddle boards feature the work of talented and passionate artists who have honoured us with their creations. Their designs are so breathtaking that you won’t want to deflate your ISUP. Feel free to take it around the city, town, or beach as the subject for your next photo shoot. Learn more about the artists behind the best looking inflatable paddle boards on the market. 

Paddle Board Benefits - photo shoots

Sunset Seating

When it comes to unanticipated paddle board benefits, this may be the best. At the end of each summer day of paddling you can leave your board inflated and nestle it into a perfect position to enjoy the sunset. The aforementioned military-grade materials (including heat molded seams and an integrated seam reinforcing strip) allow you to use your ISUP as an impromptu bench (within reason). As a result, your derrière won’t have to worry about slivers and pebbles on the beach. You won’t find many ISUPs on the market that are capable of this.

Paddle Board Benefits - Seating

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