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What to Wear Paddle Boarding in the Autumn 2023

What to Wear Paddle Boarding in the Autumn 2023

Sorry folks, but it’s that time of the year to start talking about the autumn. It’s not all bad, mind you, as the season is accented by pumpkin-spiced lattes and crisp morning-to-evening air. And do you know what these things pair oh-so-well with? Stand up paddle-boarding of course! 

The moderate autumn climate of many Canadian regions extends the SUPing season well passed Labour Day long weekend. That being said, you do have to be more thoughtful about what you bring with you out on the water, and for when you’ve completed your session to hang around the beach or parking lot to talk story with other paddlers. 

While we have covered What to Wear Paddle Boarding in the Autumn in the past, it’s time for an update to account for exciting new apparel and accessories made available through Sea Gods, our partners, and friends. Below is your 2023 edition of what to wear while paddling this fall season.

4 Essential Things to Wear When Stand-Up Paddle Boarding in the Autumn of 2023

Mustang Survival’s Adelphi Collection 

What to Wear Paddle Boarding Autumn Canada - Mustang Survival

Mustang Survival has been pushing the boundaries of what is possible in marine safety to enhance adventurer experiences on the water for nearly six decades. They have designed, engineered, and manufactured gear for the Coast Guard, NASA, Navy Seals, professional athletes, and renowned watermen/waterwomen around the world. This progressive level of dedication is felt in every aspect of their products. If you know our own Sea Gods brand, then you can understand why we have chosen to partner with Mustang Survival. They are our kindred spirits of the sea.

For autumn season paddling we point you towards their line of Adelphi apparel. The lightweight, breathable, moisture-wicking material with UPF 50+ protection may help paddlers keep their cool in the summer, but it also offers wind-cutting warmth, comfort, and protection all SUPing session long. The Adelphi UV men’s and women’s long sleeves are available with and without a hood, and there is also an accompanying neck gaiter for added support. 

Lululemon “Paddle Pants” 

What to Wear Paddle Boarding Autumn Canada - Lululemon

Lululemon had released a line of back-zip high-rise paddling tights for SUPers a few years ago (view here). Unless they release a new dedicated SUPing line again in 2023, you’re best bet in finding those is on the boutique resale market. However, confident paddlers may still find autumn paddling comfort in a number of current Lululemon legging releases. 

Their fall season 2023 line of women’s pants features products such as the Wunder Train High-Rise Tight which has been designed with their fastest-drying fabric (Everlux) and therefore beneficial for SUPers. Lululemon’s fall season 2023 line of men’s tights also feature items that fit the fall paddling bill, including a Surge Warm Tight that is water-repellent / windproof and can be worn on their own or layered under a pair of shorts.

3/2 Neoprene Wetsuit

We must draw your attention to the obvious; It’s autumn and you’re going to want to add a new wetsuit to your 2023 quiver of what to wear while paddle boarding. For most people across most moderate climate regions of Canada, a 3/2 mm neoprene wetsuit will suffice. You may also choose between 2mm or 3mm neoprene booties if you tend to get cold feet (literally and proverbially) when it comes to fall season SUPing. 

The neoprene sheath will keep you warmer in and out of the water, retaining body heat to stave off hypothermia while effectively compressing muscles and joints which allows them to function better for extended periods of time. A quality 3/2 wetsuit also protects your skin from midday UV along with the bumps and scrapes that may occur if you slip from your board or while walking through the forest to get to a secret paddling spot. Furthermore, 3/2 wetsuits also provide buoyancy, which makes it easier for you to float should you fall in. Lastly, another unexpected benefit is that a wetsuit delivers automatic compression to muscles and joints, which allows you to function better for extended periods of time.

Sea Gods Autumn Attire 

Sea Gods Autumn Attire - what to wear paddle boarding in autumn

Sea Gods doesn’t just outfit Canadian paddlers with the best inflatable ISUPs on the market, we ensure that they (and you) are adorned in nautically-inspired apparel too. On a performance level, be sure to add our Nautical Nonsense Rashguard (for women) or the Jetty longsleeve or Skiff hoodie rashguards in Light Blue or Moss (for Mens sizing) to your cart. These products are idyllic on the water when temperatures drop. Lastly, don’t leave home to paddle this autumn season without your The Board is Just the Beginning hoodie which is available in Women’s (here) and Men’s (here). We also have a line of children’s warm hoodies. Bring the hoodies along in your Sea Gods dry bag to pull-on or zip-on for apres-SUP pumpkin spiced lattes on the beach.


Safety First Reminder: Whether paddling in the autumn, winter, summer, or spring - be sure to purchase and pack your personal floatation devices (PFDs) and life jackets for paddle boarding

Contact Sea Gods today if you have any questions about today’s featured apparel and accessories, shipping, and more.  

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