Best Inflatable Paddle Board for Tall Person 

Best Inflatable Paddle Board for Tall Person 

We recently helped those of a small stature identify which stand up paddle board was best for them. So as to not alienate those with their head and shoulders further from the ground than the rest, we’re here to answer the same. But is there a preferred paddle board for taller people? 

While the choice of a premium Sea Gods’ SUP is of less consequence as one develops their paddling skills, it can most certainly make a difference for beginners and even intermediates. Having recommended SUPs for individuals of all walks of life (and flip flop sizes), we can confidently answer your query. Let’s review!


Why the Medusa CX Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board is the Best SUP for Particularly Tall Male and Female Paddlers

The Dimensions for Your Dimensions

According to various sources (although it varies by ethnicities around the world) a man is considered tall at 6’ and above, and a woman is considered tall at 5’9” and above. The taller you are, the more unstable your center of balance may be unless you have sustained a core fitness regime for years leading into your newfound passion for paddling. If the latter is untrue, you are susceptible to tipping your SUP more frequently than the average (ahem) person. 

Consequently, you need a SUP that has been designed with dimensions to counteract innate instability on a moving surface. This is where the Sea Gods Medusa CX Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board comes in. The inflatable SUP boasts dimensions of 11 x 34" x 6” and has been constructed with premium military-grade materials while delivering the strongest PSI range for ultimate rigidity and additional weight/height support. This makes the Medusa CX the best paddle board for tall, large, and even multiple riders. 

Best Inflatable Paddle Board for Tall Person Canada

Now we know what you may be thinking; the larger the board, the less maneuverable. Theoretically, that is true, but the Medusa CX has additionally been designed to mitigate the drag that one may normally experience with such a sizable watercraft. As a result, the ISUP is not only top-rated for stability, it is highly ranked for tracking, maneuverability, and even speed. Riders will be able to maintain their stand-up position on flat water and in the surf, and can effectively shift direction should an obstacle (fellow paddler, boater, or curious sea creature) head their way. You can credit the Cross Weave ULF technology upgrades for creating Canada’s lightest yet sturdiest premium ISUP on the market. 

Consider the Carta Marina Touring SUP

For more experienced paddlers who like to go on long adventures on the water, and have a need for speed, the Carta Marina is a worthy consideration. Sea Gods signature Touring SUP boasts dimensions of 12 x 32" x 6” and has handcrafted premium benefits of the Medusa. However paddlers give up some stability for more speed. 

Best Paddle Board for Tall Person 

The Right Accessories for Tall Paddlers

Surpassed military-grade durability of the ISUP itself is one thing, but tall paddle boarders also have a taller ask when it comes to the accessories to hit the water. 

Next to the board, the most important item is the paddle. If it’s not tall enough, your body will assume an unnatural position on the water, making paddling feel unnecessarily cumbersome, it can cause shoulder and lower back injury. Lower back pain from the activity is indeed a higher risk for taller individuals.

There’s a testing position that lets paddlers know if their paddle length accommodates their height and general stature. You must hold your paddle horizontally on your head and adjust your hand width so that your elbows are at 90 degrees and you have created a square on each side of your head with your paddle and arms. You can view more on how to hold your paddle here. The Sea Gods adjustable 3-piece carbon fibre paddle which comes with your Medusa CX ISUP expands to ensure that it passes the test and meets your unique needs. Using the right paddle with the right board will go a long way towards keeping you injury free while SUPing.

Other accompanying (with purchase) accessories tall paddlers appreciate, are integrated portage handles for easy carry, access/egress, and anchorage. Placement of these portage handles considers heights of varying degrees - yours included. Additionally, you’ll value the 11' Sea Gods coil SUP leash which expands as needed. Another key concomitant is the wheeled hiking backpack with adjustable straps for longer torsos. The Sea Gods backpack fits your deflated Medusa CX, compacted paddle, fin, pump, maintenance kit, and other gear as you carry it along trails and pathways to paddling oases. View all accessories that come with the purchase of your Medusa CX inflatable stand up paddle board.

Best Paddle Board for Tall Person Canada

No matter how you look at it, the Medusa CX offers BIG value to those of tall stature. To add to this value, Sea Gods offers FREE shipping across Canada and the USA, a 30-day Love it or Return it Guarantee and a Lifetime Warranty.

Contact Sea Gods today if you have any questions about today’s featured paddle board, other products and accessories, shipping, and more.  


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