The Perfect Stand Up Paddle Board Shape for 80% of Riders

Perfect Stand Up Paddle Board Shape for 80% of Riders

If you're new to paddle boarding, then getting the right board can be quite daunting. Fortunately, us here at Sea Gods are SUP riders and instructors and are happy to help you navigate the choppy waters of board selection.

Let's talk about the All-Around paddleboard - a versatile board shape that suits an impressive 80% of paddlers. The Elemental Wave inflatable board has proved to be the best choice for most of the folks in our lessons - a perfect combination of stability, maneuverability, tracking, and efficiency.

If you are like most of the new riders we teach, then we are confident that you will love the Elemental Wave All Around, our favourite board shape year after year.

All You Need to Know About Stand Up Paddle Board Shape

Well-Rounded for Easy Performance

The all-around SUP board is known for its rounded nose and tail, making it ideal for various water conditions and rider experience levels. This board type is perfect for flat water, small waves, and the occasional chop. It's also quite forgiving, making it a great choice for beginners. Sea Gods makes the most beautiful and technologically advanced All-Around, the Elemental Wave 10'6" x 32. Besides the literal shape of the board being round, it is also well-rounded in its ability to turn, track straight, provide stability and move efficiently over the water.

average size woman with sea gods elemental wave cx all around inflatable stand up paddleboard

Stable for Beginners

Stability is crucial for paddle boarders. The wider your board, the more stable it will be. However, a board that's too wide can make it challenging to maneuver and track and slow to paddle. The Elemental Wave strikes the perfect balance at 32 inches wide, providing excellent stability while remaining responsive. If you're new to SUP or want a board that can handle a variety of paddling conditions, the Elemental Wave is an excellent choice.  Unless you are a larger rider and have specific needs for more stability (see the Infinite Mantra or Diatom), 32" is the perfect width.

Tracking is another essential aspect of stand up paddle boarding. Tracking refers to how well your board stays on course without excessive correction- that is, switching sides every few paddle strokes. The Elemental Wave's straighter sides and 32" width make it easier to lean over and keep the paddle straight and vertical, key to paddling straight. Its single Universal fin also aids in tracking and maneuverability. Overall, this board will help new paddlers maintain course and improve their skills.

Woman on sea gods elemental wave paddle board with luggage for long distance paddling

Provides Mobility for Advanced Paddlers

Maneuverability is critical for intermediate to advanced paddlers who want to explore various waterways. The Elemental Wave 10'6" x 32 board has a rounded tail, which provides excellent maneuverability. Paddlers can quickly turn the board and gain speed when needed, which is especially useful in small waves or tight spaces (read this blog about turning). The board's lightweight design and compact shape make it easy to maneuver, even for beginners.

Efficiency is the final characteristic that makes the Elemental Wave such an excellent all-around board. It's hard to strike a balance between speed and stability, but the Elemental Wave manages to do so. Paddlers can paddle quickly without causing the board to wobble or drift. The board's shape allows it to glide smoothly through the water, and allow you to lean over to get the optimal paddle position which is ideal for long-distance paddling.

Woman of average size riding sea gods elemental wave ULF in a wave

Paddleboarding is an excellent way to enjoy the water, burn calories and get ripped- but it can be intimidating for new paddlers to select a board. The all-around board shape is an ideal choice for beginners and intermediate paddlers looking for versatility and stability.

While there are many all-around board options on the market, the Elemental Wave provides all of the high end design and construction you can want. It's handcrafted using military-grade materials and it comes with all of the accessories you need (paddle, travel bag, pump and leash).

If you are are still unsure about which board is right for you, use our paddlebaord selector questionnaire for assistance, or contact us for help directly. 

Happy paddling!

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