Best Stand Up Paddle Board for Hiking this Summer 

Best Stand Up Paddle Board for Hiking this Summer 

You’re the ultimate outdoor adventurer in the summer. It’s not enough for you to enjoy a traipse through the wondrous wilderness as you plan to trek to secret lakes, hidden inlets, and off-the-beaten-path waterways to stand-up paddle. 

Given that it’s no easy feat to bring along a SUP for by-foot expeditions, you need to buy a paddle board that offers the greatest convenience without sacrificing performance. Thankfully you’ve arrived at this article before hitting the trail. Sea Gods have handpicked the best stand up paddle board for hiking in the summer of 2023 and beyond. Let’s review!

Why the Sea Gods Elemental Wave CX Inflatable Paddle Board is the Most Recommended SUP for Summertime Hiking

Inflatable = Compact and Packable

Let’s be honest; no matter how strong you may be, there’s no way you can hike with a solid EPS stand up paddleboard (SUP) for any significant distance, especially if there is a gradient involved. The Sea Gods Elemental Wave CX is a premium lightweight inflatable stand-up paddleboard (SUP). Inflatable SUPs are naturally suited to hiking.

Best Stand Up Paddle Board for Hiking Canada

Fits Neatly Into an Accompanying Hiking Backpack

What sets the lightweight Sea Gods Elemental Wave CX further apart when it comes to portability is the fact that it comes with an equally premium-wheeled hiking backpack. That’s right - it was made for hiking! The deflated SUP tucks into the backpack with ease. Furthermore, the pack was designed to be durable but without unnecessary material that weighs down packs that aren’t specifically designed for inflatable SUP carriage. This pack can handle being bumped, dropped, and scraped. Although, we can’t necessarily say the same for the wearer, so please do be careful! 

Go anywhere with the Sea Gods hiking pack

Easy to Carry When Inflated Too

Best Stand Up Paddle Board for Hiking

Worried about carrying the ISUP once it has been inflated? It’s a reasonable concern for those who plan to carry the board from one stretch of sand to the next. Fortunately, the Sea Gods Elemental Wave CX accounts for this too. The SUP was designed with a new cross-weave fusion (CX) technology, makes it the lightest all around board we've ever made. At less than 20-pounds when inflated, this board is the perfect companion for hiking paddlers regardless of how far from the water you may be.

Further, the integrated portage handles make for even easier carrying in addition to access/egress and anchorage when at your destination/s. 

Comes with All of the Accessories

The Elemental Wave CX is lightweight for hiking when deflated or inflated, but what about all the things you need to bring to paddling? Sea Gods has thought of that too!

Included with your Elemental Wave CX purchase, you will enjoy ALL of the accessories needed to get into the water right away. These include our lightweight and compact 3-piece carbon-fiber paddle, a click-in fin system, an 11' coil leash, a double-action high-pressure pump, and maintenance kit. Better yet, because Sea Gods designed and selected the accessories, they too have been considered for seamless placement within the hiking backpack. 

Additional Hiking Features

Your needs may vary from one hiking destination to the next. While the Elemental Wave CX accessories package is robust, we have also designed it to accommodate add-ons you may prefer when carrying the SUP. The paddle board can accommodate this shoulder carry strap, which offers convenience if your hands are full with other things when walking along the waterway with your inflated craft. View more from our hiking SUP accessories.

Holds Up Against Elements on Waterways and Trails

Best SUP Board for Hiking in Canada

Hiking through the elements tests your physical strength and stamina like nothing else. This is analogous to a SUP's test when paddling the various lakes, rivers, channels, and coastal bodies of water found along and at the end of your trails. The SUP will face obstacles and face bumps, bruises, and licks. You need peace of mind that it can take it and continue to perform as well as it did from day one. With complete confidence, the Elemental Wave CX will hold up and then some. 

This stand up paddle board has been designed with upgraded cross-weave drop-stitch ULF technology and heat molded seams, complete with Apollo UV protective spray glazing. The diamond pattern high traction EVA pad boasts 5mm thickness and 50A rigidity. At the same time, the SUP features an integrated seam reinforcement strip to provide added protection from damage, seam tears, and rub from natural (and some unnatural) elements. The SUP’s accompanying accessories (included with purchase) are also military grade. View all specs and features for this hiking companion here.

Best Stand Up Paddle Board for Hiking - Beach

Everything included with your Elemental Wave CX stands up to hiking trail tests. We’re so confident in this that we have provided a Lifetime Warranty.  We also offer a 30-day Love It or Return It Guarantee, so feel free to disappear (not really) into the forest or jungle for under a month and see if this SUP is the match you’re looking for.  

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