Best Stand Up Paddle Board for Road Trip Travel this Summer 

Best Stand Up Paddle Board for Travel by Road Canada USA

With airline prices outpacing inflation, many Canadians opt for road trips this summer. There’s no better way to see the country or the entire continent for that matter. That being said, packing and preparation are the keys to success, especially when it comes to your recreational gear.

You want to enjoy the bounty of natural attractions on your journey, which means lakes, rivers, channels, and coastlines for water enthusiasts. As a paddle boarder, you don’t want to risk reliance on having rental facilities at every waterway along the way. It’s not convenient nor economical. However, the prospect of bringing along a paddle board for hundreds, if not thousands of miles of driving is daunting. With just a few weeks (maybe days) left to decide, you’re online in search of the best stand-up paddle board for travel by road. Whether you plan to paddle Central Canada’s impressive Lake of the Woods with its 14,552 islands or drive from Vancouver BC to Cabo Pulmo Baja, we’ve got you covered. Let’s review!

Why the Sea Gods Elemental Wave CX Inflatable Paddle Board is the Most Recommended SUP for Summertime Road Trip Travel

Best Stand Up Paddle Board for Road Trip in Canada

Inflatable = Compact and Packable

To begin with, the Sea Gods Elemental Wave CX is a premium inflatable stand-up paddleboard (SUP). Inflatable SUPs are endemically suited to travel and far superior to solid EPS SUPs regarding portability. 

With a solid EPS SUP, you have no choice but to strap it to the roof of your vehicle and hope that it stays in position as you race along the Trans Canada Highway or I-5 (etc.). If staying in a series of hotels/motels, you must drag it into your room each night to not worry about it being stolen or damaged in the parking lot of “any town” in Canada, USA, or Mexico. 

Conversely, the Sea Gods Elemental Wave CX is easily deflated to fit into its accompanying backpack (with accessories) and be tucked into the trunk or hatch of your vehicle. For those short jaunts from one lake to the next, you can leave it inflated and strap it to the roof. Worried about its rooftop stability when inflated? No need, as the military-grade cross-weave drop-stitch construction, creates a rigid form that cuts through highway wind and water.

Best SUP for Road Trip

Top Rated on Performance Criteria to Accommodate Widest Variety of Conditions

Whether driving from coast to coast or from one province to the next, you will encounter a swath of distinctly different bodies of water to paddle. You need confidence that your vessel can handle all variances in-depth, current, tides, wind, boat wake, crowds, and visibility. In summation, you need a paddle board that is highly rated for the four primary performance criteria of tracking, maneuverability, stability, and speed. Consumers typically get two of these at best. Sea Gods, on the other hand, is armed with patented technology. We have figured out a way to construct a SUP that gets exceedingly high marks on all four of the performance criteria; the Elemental Wave CX leads the field in maneuverability while also offering tracking, stability, and speed. This makes it the best all-around SUP, making it the best stand up paddle board for road trip travel. 

Handles Road Trip Bumps (and Potholes) Like a Champ!

Road trips that extend for hundreds or thousands of miles on the highway test your vehicle like nothing else. This is directly analogous to a SUP's test when paddling the various lakes, rivers, channels, and coastal bodies of water on the same road trip. Your paddle board will face obstacles and take more than a few bumps, bruises, and licks. You need peace of mind that it will take a lick'n and keep on tick'n and continue to perform as well as it did from the moment you first paddled it out. 

We can say with complete confidence that it will. The Elemental Wave CX has been designed with upgraded cross-weave drop-stitch ULF technology and heat molded seams, complete with Apollo UV protective spray glazing. The diamond pattern high traction EVA pad boasts 5mm thickness and 50A rigidity.

Best Stand Up Paddle Board for Road Trip

At the same time, the SUP features an integrated seam reinforcement strip to provide additional protection from damage, seam tears, and storage rub. The SUP’s accompanying accessories (included with purchase) are military-grade, from the carbon fiber 3-piece paddle and click-in fun system to the double-action high-pressure pump and maintenance kit. View all specs and features for this superior paddler here.


Everything included with your Elemental Wave CX stands up to the test of road trip travel. We’re so confident in this that we have provided a Lifetime Warranty. Your vehicle may not be with you for a lifetime of road trips, but your Sea Gods SUP certainly will be! 

Best Stand Up Paddle Board for Road Trip Travel

Be sure to keep an eye out for Sea Gods in the parking lots and campgrounds found along your drive through Canada and the USA. We’re frequently on the road, connecting to the growing legion of Sea Gods paddlers and putting our SUPs to the test. Honk if you see us on the highway, and come by and say “hi” if you spot us on the sand!



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