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SUP Life Jackets Canada - Sea Gods Paddle Board PFD Launch

Khimera Dual Floatation PFD - SUP Life Jackets CanadaFollowers of SeaGods Canada know that safety is our top priority. We design our inflatable standup paddle boards (ISUPs) for maximum performance and enjoyment and for the welfare of all who perch upon them. We have already provided a guide for what you need to know about personal floatation devices (PFDs) and life jackets for paddle boarding. But today, we want to draw your attention to exciting new additions to our SUP board accessories store. Below is a breakdown of why we trust Mustang Survival's PFDs to protect our valued ISUP owners on their paddling adventures across Canada and beyond.

Which Mustang Survival Life Jackets / PFDs SeaGods Canada Recommends for Your Stand-Up Paddle-Boarding Adventures in 2022-23

Mustang Survival Khimera Dual Floatation PFD

Before we get into the fact that this life jacket / PFD looks sleek and cool, let's begin with what matters most. This essential SUP companion was designed for the distinctive biomechanics of paddlers. It’s fundamentally a hybrid that provides the security of foam in an adjustable lightweight slim profile with the option to boost buoyancy (20.5 lbs) via pull-cord inflation that is akin to a skydiver's parachute. Paddlers enjoy peace of mind when it comes to buoyancy while retaining fluidity of movement. You can twist, turn, paddle, and even hop in and out of the water when inspiration strikes without struggling to get back on your SUP. 

Mustang Survival Life Jackets / Dual Floatation PFDs

Further, buoyancy can be adjusted as desired via the integrated deflation system. A front storage pocket holds an extra CO2 cylinder (not included) for those who push their adventures the extra mile. Safety measures are further accented via reflective shoulder patches for increased visibility when that aforementioned extra mile ventures into the evening or unknown territory. And as alluded to above, this versatility is undoubtedly buffered in the most stylish PFD we have ever seen and worn. We know that some paddlers don't wear a life jacket because of the look, which is why Mustang Survival has flipped the script to make it aesthetically desirable. It's the whole package.

Add the Mustang Survival Khimera to your PFD quiver today.

Mustang Survival Minimalism Manual Inflatable Belt Pack

mustang survival minimalist belt pack pfd

Despite the comfort, flexibility, and mobility offered by the Mustang Survival Khimera Dual Floatation PFD, not all SUPers will get on board with what they consider a traditional life jacket. These paddlers get the belt, an inflatable belt, that is. 

For the uninitiated, an inflatable belt is essentially a fanny pack (but cool) with a life jacket rolled up and tucked inside. Like the Khimera, it also has a skydiver-esque rip cord that you pull with a CO2 cartridge for instant inflation. There are other PFDs like this one on the market in Canada, but Mustang Survival's Minimalism Manual Inflatable Belt Pack is indeed the best among them. 

Mustang Survival Manual Inflatable Belt Pack

As the name indicates, the inflatable belt pack has been designed with soft-exterior fabric and ergonomic construction to be non-cumbersome and extremely discrete. It's ideal for near-shore paddling and/or for confident swimmers who desire a little extra safety support. When fully deployed, the inflatable belt pack boasts nearly 19-pounds (18.9 lbs, to be exact) of buoyancy.

Add the Mustang Survival Minimalism Manual Inflatable Belt Pack to your PFD quiver today. 

Do you have any questions about the SUP life jackets / PFDs above? Feel free to contact us anytime.


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