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Do You Really Need an Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard...Near You?

Buy Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Near Me in Canada

Did you just hop online and type "buy inflatable stand up paddle board near me" into your Google search bar? While common to do so, direct proximity is not as convenient nor ideal as you may think when it comes to buying an ISUP. Moreover, you could be doing yourself a huge disservice in making postal code the prime purchase decision making criteria. Below is a breakdown of what is more important, and how purchasing online from a top Canadian brand may be the more fitting (for you) and expedient alternative.


Why Location Isn't the Most Important Criteria When Buying an Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board in Canada

Buy Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Near Me

Premium Quality is the Priority

You've done your research and have come to the wise conclusion that an ISUP is an investment. You know that it's worth it to pay a little more to own a vessel that will be with you for a lifetime (more on this below). This is the primary reason that we encourage you to make quality construction your top priority, not the physical location of a seller. What difference does it make if you bought the board nearby when you have to haul it in for repairs each summer? Or worse, you have to return to the same store every other annum to buy a new one altogether? Premium construction of an ISUP surface, rails, deck pad, and accessories (more on the latter below) are the key criteria when looking for an ISUP for life - not location.

Access to Accessories is Also More Important

Let's say that you found a quality inflatable stand up paddle board near you. Is it water-ready? Does it comes with ALL of the accessories you need to hop in the lake, river, channel, or ocean today? Or do you have to visit another brick & mortar or Amazon to try and match accessories (paddle, pump, fin, leash, carry-bag, and tools) to get the full experience? Furthermore, if you are able to curate necessary accessories from other shops in your area, are they designed specifically for the ISUP you're about to purchase? As you can see, immediate access to dedicated (to the ISUP) accessories is also far more important than location.  Take SeaGods for example. When you invest in a SeaGods paddle board you immediately receive all of the above mentioned accessories, from adjustable carbon fiber paddle to the best inflatable paddle board pump in Canada. Better yet, all SeaGods accessories are manufactured with the same dedication to superior performance and premium construction as our ISUPs are.

"Near You" Makes No Difference When There's FREE + Fast Shipping

Again, you want to buy an inflatable stand up paddle board near you because you demand convenience. Plus, you don't want to pay for shipping. Other sellers you've researched charge an arm and a leg to get a paddleboard shipped to your home. This isn't the case with SeaGods. We offer FREE expedited shipping across Canada.

Lifetime Warranty Doesn't Hurt Either

As alluded to above, the perceived convenience of finding a retailer near you becomes irrelevant when you have to take the board in for repairs every year - or every few months for four-season paddlers. But when you choose SeaGods, not only do you buy a premium ISUP with the convenience of free and fast shipping, you enjoy a lifetime warranty on the board and accompanying accessories. What more could you ask for?

That Said...

There's one location qualifier that we don't want to discount the importance of. You like the idea of supporting a local business in the outdoor adventure space. It makes perfect sense, because after all, what does an international SUP manufacturer know about paddling in Canadian waters?

You'll be pleased to know that SeaGods is a Canadian-owned ISUP brand. We have a fleet of paddle boards designed by a team that has decades of experience in navigating the coastlines, lakes, rivers, and channels of this great country. We've designed our ISUPs to expertly navigate the top lakes to paddle in BC, the challenging coast of Nova Scotia, and every waterway between. SeaGods may have a "head office" in White Rock BC, but we call all of Canada home. So yes, you can buy inflatable stand up paddle board near you, wherever you may be.


Even if we're not located down the block from your home or favorite place to paddle, SeaGods is at your beckon call. Contact us today if you have any questions whatsoever. 



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