What to Look for in an Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard

What to Look for in an Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board ISUP

Shopping for a new ISUP?

You're in the market for a new (or your very first) inflatable stand up paddleboard (ISUP). It's an exciting time, but after a few days on the hunt you're quickly discovering that deciding on which one to buy is harder than paddling against the current. It certainly doesn't help that price variances between ISUP product lines are as wide as Lake Superior. One thing that you do know for certain though, is that you desire the best quality on the market. You realize that an ISUP is an investment and don't mind paying a premium if that's what it takes. But price alone is not a key performance indicator. So what else should you look for in an inflatable stand up paddle board? How can you ensure that you're getting the best option available in the Canadian marketplace? Let's review.

5 Key Things to Identify When You Want to Buy a Top Quality ISUP in Canada

What to Look for in an Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

I. Premium Construction Rails

The rails of an ISUP come under constant bombardment from the elements. No matter how confident you are with a paddle in hand, winds and waterways have something else in mind. Overtime your paddle board will bump up against rocks, logs, and other watercraft. Moreover, prior to deflation and smart storage, the rails will come in contact with rough and hard surfaces on the beach, when being fastened to the top your vehicle (when applicable) and even at home when proudly displayed on the patio (etc.). For these reasons your ISUP of choice must exhibit premium rail construction. SeaGods' ISUP rails feature double reinforced military-grade PVC with heat molded seams that hold up against the elements, and time. This is in addition to the ULF technology fusion layer to seal drop stitch fabric that makes the entire board a near impenetrable vessel.

II. Confident Deck Pad Traction

You're going to spend most of your time with your feet planted on the deck of your inflatable stand up paddle board. Deck pad construction must provide for comfort and traction to ensure you're surefooted throughout use. Inspect the deck of ISUP options with care. Ideally, look for a diamond-pattern high-traction EVA pad that boasts 5mm thickness and 50A rigidity - features that are endemic to SeaGods fleet up ISUPs.

III. Comes With All Accessories Needed to Get You in the Water

One of the most important "things" to look for in an inflatable stand up paddleboard, is not the board itself, but dedicated accessories. This is where most ISUPs on the Canadian market miss the boat.

The last thing you want is to invest in a premium quality ISUP to find that you must then spend an additional $300-600 to get an appropriate (to your new model) paddle, leash, fin, pump, carry-bag, and tools to bring it all together. Instead, you want to buy your ISUP and get in the water ASAP. When you invest in a SeaGods paddle board, that's exactly what happens. Our ISUPs come with all of the above mentioned accessories, from adjustable carbon fiber paddle to the best inflatable paddle board pump Canada has seen. All SeaGods ISUP accessories are manufactured with the same dedication to superior performance and military-grade construction.

IV. A Warrantee to Back it Up

Many brands can claim their ISUPs offer premium surface, rail, deck pad, and accessory construction. But how many a wiling to back it up with a lifetime guarantee? We do! That's right, when you buy a SeaGods ISUP, you immediately get a lifetime warranty on the board and accompanying accessories. What more do you need to look for? Just one more thing. Keep reading!

V. Locally Designed and Tested

Are you going to trust an overseas/international manufacturer that has yet to set paddle in Canadian waters? Absolutely not! Gain peace of mind that the people behind the construction of your new ISUP has deep experience in navigating the coastlines, lakes, rivers, and channels of this great country. The SeaGods squad has been collectively paddling Canadian waterways for decades. Our ISUPs and accessories have been designed to standup to all that Mother Nature, Neptune, and a visiting Kanaloa (Hawaiian god of the ocean and winds) can throw your way. From the top lakes to paddle in BC to the coast of Nova Scotia, SeaGods has the ISUP you're looking for.

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