Sea Gods’ Inflatable SUP Manufacturing Standards

Sea Gods’ Inflatable SUP Manufacturing Standards - digger driving over our paddleboard
Inflatable SUP Recalls Recommendations Canada USA 2022-23

Sea Gods Paddleboards are obviously beautiful, but as they say, it is truly what is on the inside that counts.  We take pride in bringing only the very best products to the SUP community, because part of our commitment to the environment is creating boards that will last a very long time and not end up in landfills after just one season, beside the budget “beginner” boards.  From the raw materials custom made for Sea Gods boards to the hand selected team of the best skilled craftspeople, we make all the extra effort to ensure our SUP Packages not only look the raddest, but also stand up to our Lifetime Warranty.

Why Paddle Boarders in Canada and the USA are Receiving Recommendations to Turn to Sea Gods

Meticulously Handcrafted and Vetted

All of our paddleboards are constructed by hand and take approximately 3 full days to produce. What’s more, our quality assurance process helps us identify and eliminate materials that don’t meet our standards before they become available for sale in our stores. Our goal in the design and manufacturing process is to deliver a product that stands up well against the elements and lasts a long time. 

seagods Inflatable SUP Manufacturing Standards

Military Grade Construction and Durability

Paddlers who are more experienced know that boards can take a beating over time. That’s why our inflatable SUPs feature the following: 

  • PVC ULF fusion technology and heat molded seams
  • UV protective glazing
  • the strongest PSI range for rigidity
  • double-reinforced PVC rails, and all-around premium materials for surpassed military-grade durability

Materials and manufacturing aside, we put our boards to the test on several occasions. Watch this video to see how we stack up after being run over by a Komatsu Digger. 

We also offer a lifetime warranty on every Sea Gods ISUP. Find all of the tech specs of Sea Gods ISUPs when it comes to addressing the concern about seam integrity and other design specifications.

Military Grade Construction in ISUP Accessories Too

Our carbon fiber 3-piece paddles are equally made to meet and exceed military-grade durability. The same applies to all Sea Gods manufactured products in our SUP accessories store. Of course, when you buy your ISUP from Sea Gods, you'll find that your premium paddle, leash, fin, pump, and dependable carry bag are all included in the purchase price. Further, these accessories are included in the lifetime warranty. We also get numerous requests for kayak blades and kayak seat attachments if you are looking to add elements to your Sea Gods board. 

best sup carbon fiber 3-piece paddle paddle and accessory package

The summer of 2022 was an interesting one for some ISUP brands in Canada and across the world. There were a number of publicized recalls regarding inflatable stand-up paddle boards being sold at large retailers over the season (boards and paddles too). Of course, as promoters of the paddleboarding sport and lifestyle, we dislike hearing about this unfortunate incident. It’s our hope that the sport grows in numbers and enjoyment too. 

With that said, we wanted to take a moment to share a bit more information about why our boards come recommended by industry experts, how they are made and how they perform under extreme conditions.

Consistent Customer Support 

We believe in high-quality manufacturing and design and high-quality customer relationships. Customers contact us from all over the world through phone, email, and chat and social media. If you have questions about our products and their design, please contact Sea Gods today

We look forward to hearing from you.

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