Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle Board vs Solid SUP

Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle Board vs Solid SUP
Inflatable Paddle Board vs Solid SUP

This is the most common question new paddlers have when it comes to buying their first stand-up paddleboard (SUP). In fact, there a hoards of Reddit discussions on the topic, but reading through the various opinions can leave you just as uncertain as you were before beginning your search for answers, if not more. Admittedly, “versus” as a comparative word is a bit cringeworthy. After all, you can most certainly enjoy a lifetime of adventure with premium ISUPs and fiberglass SUPs alike. That said, are some key differences that you should consider when it comes to Sea Gods ISUPs and the “solid” alternative.

4 Key Benefits of Sea Gods Inflatable Stand-Up Paddleboards Over Solid Fiberglass SUPs

1. Portability

Inflatable Paddle Board vs Solid SUP - backpack for portability

There’s no denying this benefit of inflatables over solid boards. You can go anywhere with a compact ISUP. Your board can come along on any bike ride, plane, train, or automobile. If you live near a body of water you can walk it over with ease. Solid boards may look cool on the top of your car but they extremely limit your ability to pick up and go wherever and whenever you feel inspired to, with a SUP in tow. This benefit is further inflated (pun intended) with Sea Gods, as our boards compress into a taut, neat, and secure form to fit snuggly within our wheelie hiking backpack carry bag (comes with every ISUP purchase) while click-in no-tool fins can be removed, stored in the bag, and reapplied with ease. Our 3-piece carbon fiber paddle is also convenient. You to fit in a trunk or hatch, or tuck it into your backpack or luggage for hiking and/or traveling. And with a portable double-action inflation pump and 29-psi rated Scoprega inflation valve your SUP will be ready for paddling within a few short minutes of your waterway arrival.

2. Save Money

We’re not referring to the cost of the board, as a premium inflatable paddle board (vs what you find at Costco, etc.) can cost just as much as a solid fiberglass alternative. The longterm cost of ownership however, is significantly lower. You won’t be spending dough on ding repair, tubes of epoxy to seal abrasions in fiberglass, broken fins and paddles, or anything else that is typically appended to solid SUP ownership. This is due not only to the fact that Sea Gods inflatable boards are manufactured from military grade materials, but because we offer a lifetime warranty. That’s right, you’re looking at a simple one-time investment that will pay off via a lifetime of headache-free adventures.

3. Lower Risk of Theft

Because solid paddle boards can’t be tucked away out of sight, ownership comes with a higher risk of theft. Due the popularity and relatively high buy-in, boards are stolen from roof racks, yards, patios, and brazenly from the beach while unsuspected owners enjoy a quick dip sans SUP. They are easily sold on the secondary market with “used SUP” buyers being none the wiser. This risk is significantly reduced with inflatable paddle board ownership. You can store them inside of your vehicle, facility locker, or home without worry and without having to purchase cable locks or expensive GPS tracking systems.

4. Higher Performance? (Yes, you read that right)

Inflatable Paddle Board vs Solid SUP - ketos racing isup

Contributors to the aforementioned Reddit groups (and other forums) are quick to state that high-performance is a checkmark for the solid fiberglass board win-column. When compared to most (nearly all) inflatable boards this is true. But not when it comes to Sea Gods paddle boards. Our ISUPs are hand-crafted with premium materials to offer an unmatched sturdy-yet-flexible combination in the water that fiberglass “planks” can’t quite emulate. Take our Carta Marina for example. With state of the art PVC ULF technology and heat-molded seams, and the strongest PSI range around, this machine may very well be the best inflatable paddleboard (correction: best paddleboard) for speed and touring on lakes and ocean waters alike.

Then there’s out Ketos Racer (pictured here). Designed with the same PVC ULF technology yet benefiting from a proprietary drop-stitch displacement hull, this board was built for speed, speed, and more speed - ready to take on any competitor that you come across in the lineup.

The nature of an inflatable provides the flexibility in testing that standard boards are not afforded, at least not economically. These tests have uncovered capabilities that even we did not know could be possible for any form of stand-up paddle board. Sea Gods have redefined what performance can be for inflatable SUPs and solid boards alike. Try one out and see for yourself - view specs for all of our performance-focused ISUPs

Have questions? Want to know which inflatable board is best suited to your goals? We’re here to help. Contact Sea Gods today.

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