How Much Should I Pay for a Paddle Board?

How Much Should I Pay for a Paddle Board?
How Much Should I Pay for a Paddle Board? Sea Gods Serving Canada and the USA

Five-hundred dollars? One-thousand? Two-thousand? With such a wide range of prices on the market deciding upon how much you should pay for a quality stand-up paddleboard (SUP) can be a tough task. It may be tempting to choose low-budget options, but before you go out and “get what you pay for” we encourage you to consider the following questions. 

Five Things to Consider When Deciding What You Want to Pay for a Stand Up Paddle Board

1. Do You Want to Travel With It?

    Whether your version of travel involves loading up the SUV and hitting the Trans Canada Highway or hopping on connecting flights to an exotic destination, there are a lot of bumps and bruises along the way. If you want your SUP to come along on the ride then you need peace of mind that it can handle the not-so-soft touch of baggage handlers or the extreme weather that can batter the roof of your vehicle. This is peace of mind that you can absolutely pay for. 

    A premium inflatable stand-up paddleboard (ISUP) will save you additional costs that come with solid fiberglass boards. Given that it can be compressed and contained in a carry bag you can fit it safely into the hatch of your vehicle or have it checked-in with ease at the airport. Inside of a sheath, it will be protected from natural and human elements along with logistical roadblocks alike. This reduces the cost for subsequent repairs and oversized luggage fees. Plus, by bringing it along you won’t have to cough up $50/day for SUP rental fees, which adds up quickly when staying somewhere for a long weekend, week, or longer. For adventurous travellers, a Sea Gods inflatable SUP pays for itself quite quickly.

    2. Do You Have the Other Accessories?

    Premium ISUP that comes with accessories - How Much Should I Pay for a Paddle Board

    There are accessories required to get the most out of paddle board ownership. You need a strong adjustable paddle, a coil leash, fins, tie-downs, and a maintenance kit. For ISUPs you’ll also need a dependable pump and a carry-bag. 

    When you buy low-budget boards you typically have to purchase accessories separately, which can increase the original buy-in and end up costing you more than anticipated. All Sea Gods boards, however, come complete with a high-grade accessories package so you can get on the water right away. It’s also nice to know that you can purchase additional accessories that are made specifically to your SUP of choice, such as a seat so that you can enjoy sit-down sessions too. Sea Gods offer the option to pick and choose additional accessories should you desire backups and a more custom experience. This helps you cut down the time and costs of trying to track down accessories for boards they weren’t tailor-made for. And if you want to wear brand allegiance on your sleeve (along with head and feet) there are affordable Sea Gods swag options to boot. 

    3. Do You Want it to Perform on Lakes, Oceans, and Other Waterways?

    High Performance Premium ISUP - How Much Should I Pay for a Paddle Board

    Functional flexibility is important. If you want to enjoy your paddle board off the salty tidelines of White Rock, on the crisp waters of Lake Louis AB, or on the river channel in Penticton BC, then you need an all-in-one option. Low cost equates limits when it comes to SUP ownership. Shop accordingly.

    4. Do You Want it to Stand Out from the Rest?

    Those who place a premium on the outdoor adventure lifestyle are a unique lot. Equipment is as much a part of their identity as the clothes fashionable folks wear for a night on the town, or the paintings art aficionados hang on the walls at home. 

    Low-budget SUP brands that you find at Costco don’t provide the breadth of aesthetic design as some premium ones do. If your SUP represents an extension of the person you are, your purchase decision-making should certainly consider aesthetics. At Sea Gods we believe your SUP should inspire you, that is why we work with artists to create our paddle boards. 

    5. Do You Want it to Last?

    Do you want your SUP to last five years? A decade? Longer? If you want your paddle board to look and perform as it did the day you purchased it then you need to consider it for what it really is - an investment. It’s an investment in physical and mental wellness, leisure, and time with loved ones. You not only want your board to be with you through the years, but you also want to be able to pass it down to your kids, nieces and nephews, or anyone else that looks to you as a model of health, fitness, and adventure. It’s hard to put a price tag on that kind of longevity, but when the price tag is too low you won’t be buying a board that will be with you on life’s great journey. Enjoy peace of mind that you’ve made a smart investment, not only thanks to Sea God’s enduring premium materials for surpassed military-grade durability but due to your lifetime warranty too. View product specifications for all of our inflatable stand up paddleboards and contact us if you have any questions.

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