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Best SUP for Families

Best SUP for Families
Best SUP for FamiliesYour household has big plans for an outdoor adventure this year, and have your eyes set on the lakes, rivers, and coastlines throughout the continent. But with so many stand-up paddleboards (SUPs) to choose from it can be a challenge to decide which brand is best for your brood. You’ve come to the right place. Below is a breakdown of why Sea Gods inflatable stand up paddleboards (ISUPs) are perfect for families of all ages.

6 Reasons Why Your Family Should Choose Sea Gods Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboards for Your Waterway Adventures

1. Road Trip and Travel Friendly

Best SUP for Families -  Road Trip Friendly

For starters, families that don’t live along a waterfront will want to invest in inflatable SUPs. Lugging along bulky boards made with an EPS foam core wrapped with fibreglass and epoxy will deter you from maintaining your paddle plans. With a superior ISUP however, you can load your vehicle with a SUP for each member of the household and head for the nearest waterway.

And thanks to our wheelie hiking backpack carry bag (comes with each SUP purchase) you can hike from the parking lot to wherever you need with ease. Flight plans? Our compressible ISUPs and accessories are easy to check-in prior to departure and pickup from baggage claim upon arrival. 

Getting everyone out the door is hard enough as it is, which is why we’ve made our ISUPs as portable as possible.

2. More Comfortable for the Kids

Best SUP for Families - kids too

Kids have a tough time with traditional EPS fibreglass and epoxy “hardtop” boards. They are heavy and hard (or downright impossible) to carry and can be uncomfortable to land on when an inevitable (even for seasoned paddlers) slip from their paddling perch occurs. Crawling back onto the board from the water can also be a slippery challenge.

But with SeaGods ISUPs for kids and other unseasoned paddlers in your family will have a much more pleasant experience. Our PVC ULF fusion technology, complete with diamond pattern high-traction EVA pads provides for a more lightweight (yet sturdy), comfortable, and grippy connection between the body and board.

Kids can be turned-off from a new experience very easily. SeaGods ISUPs are designed to make sure that doesn’t happen with this fun form of family adventure.

3. Because Each Family Member Has a Different Definition of Adventure

Diatom Ten6 ISUP Board for Families

Not everyone in your family wants to calmly glide across glassy waters. You or your fearless teen may prefer to paddle into waves along the coast, or competitive siblings may want to race one another along a river channel. You need to choose a SUP brand that has something for everyone.

For example, our Diatom Ten6 inflatable paddleboard is tailor-made for cruising paradisal lagoons and our Infinite Mantra11 ISUP is perfect for downward-facing dogs, while the Ketos Racing Inflatable SUP will have your racers and waver riders chomping at the bit.

From SUP yoga to big surf, Sea Gods covers all bases for all members of your family.

4. Because Each Personality is Unique

Beyond functional preferences, everyone in your ohana has differing personalities. Most SUPs have cookie-cutter visual designs that don’t consider aesthetic tastes. However, your household’s quiver should resemble the unique characters within. This is where Sea Gods really shine, as our boards wear incredible graphics and custom artwork of local artisans. Gather the family to have a look and pick your favourite boards.

5. Capture Cherished Family Memories

Among the many design highlights, Sea Gods SUPs for families have two bonus action camera mounts installed so that you can lock-in your GoPros (or similar) and capture photos and videos to create a lifetime of memories.

6. Will Be With Your Family for a Lifetime

We’re not exaggerating when we say that you can create a lifetime of memories on SeaGods boards. When you invest in superior SUPs for your family you take ownership of recreational gear that will be with you for a lifetime if not generations to come. Our durable boards are built to last. The design integrates PVC ULF fusion technology and heat moulded seams, Apollo UV protective spray glazing, an Air 7 V2 Universal US fin box, and more. In fact, boards and accessories are made from premium materials for surpassed military-grade durability, which is why we offer a lifetime warranty.

View SeaGods boards and design specifications for peace of mind that our SUPs are the only choice for your adventurous family. Feel free to contact us if you have questions.

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