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Why Sing “Oh Canada” When Choosing a SUP

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Canadian Made SUP Board | Why Choose Sea Gods ISUPs

Are you looking for a new stand-up paddleboard (SUP)? There are a lot of national and international brands on the market to choose from. It honestly gets pretty confusing and often causes people to put off making this well worthy investment in health, wellness, and adventure. To narrow it down, you’re thinking about buying a Canadian made SUP. This is a wise decision as there are some very big benefits to doing so. Below we break down why buying a SUP “Designed in Canada” is a great idea and more importantly, why Sea Gods is the name to turn to before paddling out.  

3 Reasons to Choose a Canadian Made Inflatable Stand-Up Paddleboard from Sea Gods

1. Understanding the Nuances Of Canadian Waters

Specialized surf craft are shaped to consider the subtle differences in ocean current, temperature, salinity, and surface, all of which can impact how a wave in a given region is ridden. It’s for this reason that a shaper in Washington State can’t design a board that is truly appropriate to the needs of a wave rider
who calls Banzai Pipeline home. This concept is analogous to inflatable SUPs. 

Canadian Made SUP Board | Why Choose Sea Gods ISUPs

Canada’s coastlines, lakes, and waterways have some of the most unique floor topographies, seasonal temperature differences, and salinity fluctuations. The varying onshore/offshore winds that cut through the hills, valleys, prairies and shorelines of our provinces also have a major impact on how water surfaces must be navigated. Only a SUP manufacturer that has lived, breathed, and paddled Canada’s wild waters for over a decade can understand these nuances. This deep understanding spills over into the design process and provides paddleboarders with the right (and durable) craft for their favourite paddle destinations. 


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From the Pacific Northwest to the Atlantic Northeast, Sea Gods taps into what makes paddling in Canada (and beyond) oh-so-special. Whether you need a stable ISUP to cruise Toronto’s Kew-Balmy Beach or a displacement hull SUP to cut through the rising swell at North Chesterman’s in Tofino, we have you covered. View technical design specs for our boards and accessories right here.

2. Endemic Creativity in Design

Canadian Made SUP Board _ creatively designed by Sea Gods ISUPs

Did you know that when compared to the United States (and even the UK) that Canada has a disproportionately higher number of creative souls? This is not hearsay nor Canuck pride speaking - there’s real data behind it.

A study conducted by the National Endowment for Science Technology and the Arts (NESTA) finds that Canada boasts the largest share of creative employment and the largest population of workers in creative occupations. Simply put, we have proportionately more artisans than most.

What does this have to do with your plans to buy a SUP?

Aesthetics are a big part of this purchase decision making process. SUP owners proudly display their boards in their homes, on their patios, atop their vehicles, and on the beach between sessions. These are recreational devices that are made to be seen and inspire others to grab a paddle and hit the water. Why do you think there are nearly half-a-million #standuppaddleboard hashtags on Instagram? SUP owners want to show off their gear, and for this reason, aesthetics and design are extremely important. This circles back to our prior point about endemic Canadian creativity. Sea Gods tap into Canada’s unmatched imagination, with board designs created in partnership with independent artists throughout the country. You won’t find a SUP that marries function, form, and artistic integrity like our Canadian made boards.

3. Travel-Friendly Design

Canadian Made SUP Board - Travel Friendly Bag with Wheels

2020 (and early 2021) aside, Canadians are a globe-trotting bunch and choose destinations that are rich with outdoor recreation. SUPers of course hit lake and beach towns throughout the continent in search of perfect waters, but far too often they can’t bring their own boards along for the ride. Airlines charge an arm and a leg for even a longboard skateboard, so they pretty much expect a torso if you arrive at check-in with a SUP (if they accept them). Even road-trippers don’t relish the aerodynamic inefficiency of navigating the Trans Canada Highway with a 9-14 foot paddle board strapped to the roof. In considering the demands of the well-travelled stand-up paddler, Sea Gods offer the most premium inflatable option on the market. We have ISUPs that fit on a plane and ISUPs that fit in the back of your vehicle so that you never have to leave home base without one.

Even though ISUPs can be compressed for travel, you may be worried about the damage that can occur, especially when your gear is flung onto the belt at baggage claim. Fret not, because Sea Gods boards are made to withstand the harshness of travel, be it via a plane, train, or automobile. All of our boards come with tie-downs for securement, a 3-piece Carbon fibre paddle, a sturdy fin box with a new Flexible Kumano Click Fin system, among other mobility-focused features. The boards have been designed with premium materials for surpassed military-grade durability. Our ISUPS even come with a Wheelie Hiking Backpack carry bag for when you need to shimmy to the water from your campground, hotel, or vacation rental. We could go on and on, but instead, you can view all travel-friendly design specs for reinforcement layers, rails, deck pads, and accessories at the bottom of our product page

There’s another great benefit to buying a Canadian made SUP board - lower overall cost and shipping! View our complete lineup of ISUPs and feel free to contact us with any questions you have. 

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