Inflatable Paddle Board With All the Accessories You Need 

Where to Buy Inflatable Paddle Board with Accessories


When you invest in an inflatable stand up paddle board (ISUP) it’s important to note that you’re not just buying a board. There are a number of accessories required before you can hit the water. Some are essential (i.e. a paddle) while others will help you get the most out of your experience.  However, this can be a barrier to an ISUP purchase for some. Who wants to go from retailer to retailer, tracking down items that will work with the ISUP they intend to buy? Sea Gods is way ahead of your concern. We ensure that your accessories are readily available with your purchase, or are at least available to add to your package through our online store. But what accessories do you need? Below is a breakdown of what most paddlers like to have to get started, and then some.

Accessories to Look for When Buying a Full-Package Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board in Canada

Inflatable Paddle Board with Electric Pump

A pump clearly falls under the “essential” category. What good is an inflatable anything you can’t inflate it? While you can certainly get by with a manual pump, having an electric one makes life a lot easier. It’s perfect for those days when you have limited energy and are not sure if you’re going to paddle out. All Sea Gods ISUPs come with a double-action pump, but you can simply add our electric pump to your cart to complete the package. 

Inflatable Paddle Board with Paddle

Who wants to be up the creek without a paddle? Prone paddling can be fun sometimes, but the experience isn’t quite the same. All Sea Gods ISUPs come with a convenient and premium quality 3-piece carbon fibre paddle.

Stand Up Paddle Board with Leash

A leash is important for safety. If you fall off your board it limits the swimming (or dog paddling) needed to retrieve it. It’s especially important when paddling where there is a current. All Sea Gods boards come with a comfortable and secure 11-foot coil leash.

Inflatable Paddle Board with Removable Fins

One of the biggest benefits of an ISUP (over a foam core solid board) is the compact and portable nature of it. But if the fins are attached it limits your ability to pack it up. Logically, you need removable fins. But not just any removables will do. Our paddle board package includes (at no additional cost) a fin box with the flexible Kumano click-fin system.

Stand Up Paddle Board with Cargo Net

ISUP buyers demand some sort of cargo net system to carry a small bag with snacks, water, their smartphone, and perhaps a good book. Traditional net systems are fine, but they typically don’t hold up over time and exhibit wear and tear. Instead, you will want to ensure that the cargo carrier is a bungee cargo tie-down system. This provides a more secure and taut cargo-carrying option. While not a separate accessory, all Sea Gods ISUPs boast a high-calibre bungee cargo tie-down area with triple-reinforced stainless D-rings.

Inflatable Paddle Board with GoPro / Action Camera Mount

While traditionally not the case, some may absolutely deem a GoPro / action camera mount to be essential to their paddling experience. If you didn’t capture it on film, it didn’t happen, right? Fret not, because all Sea Gods ISUPs come with an action camera mount. You may want to add our branded mount attachment to ensure you get the right shots!

Inflatable Paddle Board with Seat / Backrest

If you’re transitioning from a kayak or canoe, or simply want a more relaxing paddling experience from time to time, then you may want a seat/backrest with your ISUP purchase. Add a kayak seat to your cart.

Inflatable Paddle Board with Backpack

This accessory is necessary for every travelling paddler. But even those who are walking a few blocks to the beach will appreciate the ease of being able to pack a deflated ISUP (and the other accessories!) into a tailor-made wheeled backpack. All Sea Gods ISUP purchases come with exactly that.

Inflatable Paddle Board with PFD / Lifejacket

While lifejackets and PFDs do not come with an ISUP purchase, nor do we carry them, we’d be remiss to leave this off of your list of essential accessories. Safety is your, and our, priority. To assist, we have provided our recommendations of the best SUP PFDs. Add them to your SUP purchase, indirectly through this recommended PFD manufacturer.

Inflatable Paddle Board with a Warranty

This may not be an accessory, but it’s certainly an add-on that no paddle board owner can live without. Not if they/you want to enjoy the board for years to come. Above all of the accessories that we’ve detailed above, you may be most pleased to know that all Sea Gods boards and accessories come with a lifetime warranty. What more could you wish more!? 

The above full-package accessories reference the necessities for most. View a complete breakdown of ALL that is included with your ISUP purchase. When you choose Sea Gods you don’t have to go anywhere else. We’ve got you covered. 

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