Best Lakes to Paddle Board in BC this Summer

Best Paddle Boarding Lakes BC

We recently covered the Top 5 Places to Paddle Board in Greater Vancouver, but with provincial and interprovincial travel opening up, many Canadians will be exploring the rest of British Columbia. In response, we’re recommending some amazing BC hot spots to paddle through this June, July, and August. Grab your Sea Gods SUP for traveling and get ready for some serious fun on the water! 

5 Amazing Places in BC to Bring Your Sea Gods Stand Up Paddleboard  this Summer

Skaka Lake, South Okanagan Valley

Best Paddle Boarding Lakes BC - Skaka Lake, South Okanagan Valley
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Skaka Lake at the western end of Penticton BC is a gem. It’s a smaller lake than its cousin on the other side of town, Okanagan Lake (below), so it’s less choppy and prime for beginners and intermediates alike. On any given day you’ll spot tots riding tandem with parents, teens cruising in packs, and even senior citizens stroking along the shoreline. But if you’re feeling more adventurous you can paddle parallel to Highway 97’s edge to explore less charted and uncrowded liquid terrain. 

Okanagan Lake, Okanagan Valley

Best Paddle Board Spots BC Okanagan
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Okanagan Lake is 135 km long with a total area of 351 km². There’s a lot of water to cover. Our favourite SUP launches include Sun-Oka Beach, Gorden Beggs Beach in Summerland, Antler’s Beach in Peachland, Tugboat Bay Beach in Kelowna, and….you know what, take your pick! The lake has a countless number of sandy nooks and crannies to launch your SUP from. Whichever Okanagan Valley city or town you choose to stay in, there is a perfect place to paddle. If the wind is up, just pick a beach in one of the lake’s innumerable protected coves.

Alta Lake, Whistler

Best Places to Paddle Board BC Alta Lake
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Ditch the Tommy Bahama loungers and grab your SUPsSurrounded by lush mountains and dreamy lakeside cabins, this Sea to Sky Highway body of water is as picturesque as it is enjoyable to paddle.

There are docks to hop on to (and jump off of) in between sessions, and plenty of nearby attractions and amenities - including Whistler Village!

Joffre Lakes Provincial Park, Pemberton 

Best Paddle Board Spots BC - Joffre
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Glacial-fed lakes equal the colour turquoise, which equates to a photogenic paddle experience.

You’ll want to bring your GoPro and Sea Gods action camera attachment along for this ride. Located about an hour from Whistler, and 30-minutes from Pemberton, you can find a nice hotel or snuggle-up with your ISUP (and/or partner) at one of the designated campsites.

Johnson Lake, Barriere

Best Paddle Board Spots BC Johnson Lake
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We conclude with what might be the most beautiful lake in all of BC. It boasts a Caribbean-blue tone (pictures don’t do it justice) thanks to the combined chemistry of snowmelt, the minerals in the water, and some other science we don’t quite understand. Doesn’t matter - as the end result makes for some of the most scenic paddling you could ever experience in this great province. That’s saying a lot! This lake is somewhat off-the-grid, so bring food, water, beer, and your camping gear, unless you don’t mind driving from Barrière (a 1-hour away) or Kamloops (less than 2-hours away). And of course, you will need to bring your durable Sea Gods ISUP as there are no paddle board rentals in the area. 

Did we miss your favourite BC lake on this list? We know there are some real gems out there, and we’d love to see photos of you paddling them! Simply tag Sea Gods on Facebook and Instagram when sharing your posts.

Happy Paddling (in BC) Canada!


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