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Getting the Most from Stand Up Paddle Boarding this Summer 

Summer Stand Up Paddle Boarding Canada and USA
We all thought it last year around this time, but now it looks like it’s actually about to happen. BC and most of Canada is finally seeing a shining light at the end of the tunnel as we’re in the midst of the return to normal. And it couldn’t happen at a better time as summer is officially upon us! You’ve promised to make this one of the best yet, pledging to get outdoors more in search of the proverbial (and literal) endless summer. To materialize your worthy ambition you are planning to SUP your brains out. Awesome. Now allow us to assist with the following tips.

4 Tips to Maximizing Your Fun When Stand Up Paddle Boarding this Summer of 2021

Choose the Right Board

With the wrong board, you may end up paddling a few times and hang the SUP up for the rest of the season before relegating it to Craigslist by September. Don’t make the same mistake that hoards before you have done. Instead, consider your wants and needs before forking over your hard-earned dough to buy a new paddle board. 

One of the first things to consider is whether you want an inflatable stand up paddle board (ISUP) or a solid SUP. If you’re unsure, reference our guide regarding the benefits of an ISUP over a fibreglass board. Decided on an ISUP? You’re halfway there, and we can help with the rest.

Sea Gods has taken the time to put together an archive of helpful articles to help you make your purchase decision. The catalogue considers everything from age, skill level, other users, budget, supplementary activities, and general preferences. In recognizing yourself (and/or household) in one or more of the following you can identify a SUP best suited to you:

If you find that more than one of the above applies to your wants and needs, then you may simply consider our pick for the best all-around stand up paddle board for 2021. With the Elemental Wave Ten6 you’re pretty much guaranteed to have the best SUPing summer of your life!

A SUP You Can Travel With

Summer Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Provincial travel restrictions are easing. To get the most of your summer stand up paddle boarding you plan on packing-up the vehicle and/or hopping on a plane to visit your favourite destination or one you’ve always wanted to check out.

But doing so with a SUP isn’t always easy.

Choosing an inflatable SUP is one piece of the puzzle, but you also need convenient features such as bungee tie-downs and handles along with a compact accessories package that includes a 3-piece paddle, click-in (or easy to screw) fins, an effective pump, a bag/backpack to pack it all in, and more.

View more on what to look for in a paddle board for travel before making your decision.

Paddle the Top Places Near You

Summer ISUP Boarding

Most of the SUPing you’ll do this summer will be near your home base. To get the most out of the longest days of the year, choose locations that are prime for paddle boarding. This will require some research regarding the waterways near your Canadian city or town.

You want to consider tide (for the ocean and large lakes) and wind direction and how each impacts the integrity of the water surface. In addition, factor in water quality because whether intentional or by accident you will be spending some of your time below the surface.

Hydrology sciences aside, also consider amenities such as places to launch, surrounding attractions, and perhaps most importantly, places to enjoy an apres-paddle cocktail with a sunset view. If you live in the 604 (or 778) area code we have already done the homework for you. View our guide to the best places to paddle around Greater Vancouver.

Make Safety a Priority

Do you know what’s fun? Safety! Excuse our camp counsellor’s enthusiasm here, but it’s a fact that enjoying a summer of SUPing begins with health and safety. No paddle board purchase should be made without adding a personal floatation device (PFD) to your cart. Sea Gods do not sell PFDs but we are more than happy to make recommendations. One brand that we have come to trust over the years, is Mustang Survival. Below are some PFD options to consider:

View more on the recommended SUP PFDs for your summer of paddling. 

We hope the above tips will help you enjoy the endless summer (beginning with 2021) of SUPing that you’ve been dreaming of. And if you aren’t ready to make a purchase and want to test the waters on a board we are stoked to announce our new SUP rental service in White Rock BC. If you have any questions about paddle board choices, accessories, shipping across Canada you can contact us anytime

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