Stand Up Paddle Board Gift Ideas for Dad

Stand Up Paddle Board Gifts Canada

We shared our picks for the top stand up paddleboard (SUP) gift ideas for moms, and with Father’s Day around the corner, it’s time to weigh in on behalf of the dads out there. Are they already a paddle board enthusiast, but have been borrowing or renting all this time? Or do they need a little outdoor activity to tighten up that dad-bod of theirs? Either way, you can’t go wrong with the gift of a SUP (and accessories). Below are three picks that will have them set aside their golf clubs and hours on the green for a great board and more time on the water.

Three Great Gift Ideas for Stand-Up Paddle Boarding Super Dads

The Carta Marina Touring ISUP

Stand Up Paddle Board Gifts

Does he have a thirst for adventure and exploration? Does he like to push the boundaries of lakes and oceans alike? Then the Carta Marina inflatable stand up paddleboard (ISUP) is the way to go. With dimensions of 12” x 32” x 6” and an 8-point bungee cord tie-down in the front with a 4-point tie-down in the back, this board has the capacity to carry him and his gear over great distances. Especially important features on this touring SUP are the portage handles, which will make his launches more seamless, and will provide an assist when he needs to carry the board along the beach or path to, from, and between launch points. There are also front handles in place for when the water gets choppy and he needs to take a knee between incoming wind swell or boat wake. The same handles come in handy when one of the kids wants to come along for the ride. In addition, this board has integrated tie-downs on the side and more handles to the back. This feature is not only helpful for transport (when inflated) but is great for dads who are transitioning from a kayak to a SUP, as the tie-downs/handles can be used to secure a portable kayak seat. And while he may not like to admit it, he absolutely wants to capture his paddling adventures on film, making the duo action-camera (GoPro, etc.) mounts an added bonus that he will really appreciate. 

The features of this top pick don’t stop on the top. The underbelly of the board is equally impressive. For one, he’ll dig the artwork featuring a Sea Goddess with pursed lips. True, the kids may not be too impressed, but mom can assure them that he won’t be running (paddling) away with this ocean beauty. The undercarriage also evidences the Kumano click-fin system so dad can leave the tools at home. 

View more on the Carta Marina touring ISUP.

Elemental Wave Ten6

Paddle Board Gifts Canada

The Elemental Wave Ten6 also made an appearance on our SUP gift ideas for mom list. The design is appealing to all, and it’s just a great all-around board for paddling any of the top spots in Greater Vancouver, or anywhere in Canada for that matter. 

At 10’6” x 32” x 6” this board is sturdy but also boasts impressive maneuverability. The latter is great for curious dads who want to turn at a moment’s notice should their eye catch a curious seal or sailboat they want to get a closer look at. This board also has an industry-leading PSI range for ultimate rigidity and additional weight support, yet is light to carry and quick to inflate. In fact, convenience is to key as to why he’ll be so impressed with this SUP. Easily compressed into the wheeled hiking backpack, yet ready for reactivation with a double-action high-pressure pump, he can take this board where the road takes him and will be ready to hit the water at a moment’s notice. But even better, is that this board is the best all-around ISUP which means that it can be shared by everyone in the family. While dad may enjoy his “me time” he ultimately wants the whole ohana to share in these outdoor experiences. 

View more on the Elemental Wave Ten6.


Paddleboard and life jacket gift ideas canada

No matter how modern the household, dad is the protector. But when it comes to his stand up paddling adventures, especially when paddling over great distances in far-flung places, he requires protection too.

For peace of mind, you should definitely add a personal floatation device (PFD) to his gift list. As responsible paddlers, our family-owned business is well versed in PFDs and life jackets. One brand that we have come to trust over the years, is Mustang Survival. Below are some PFD options to consider for him:

View more on the recommended SUP PFDs that will help keep him safe when out on the water. 

Every dad is unique in their own way. For this reason, we encourage you to have a look at our other paddleboards and SUP accessories to see if you can find something best suited to him. And if you have questions about designs, shipping, and more feel free to contact us anytime. 


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