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Best SUP for Fitness - Stand Up Paddle Board Fitness

All sorts of ways to get fit with an ISUP (don’t worry, they are easier to inflate than he makes it look!)

The benefits of stand-up paddle boarding (SUPing) are nearly innumerable. We certainly spend a lot of time discussing them here on the Sea Gods blog. One of the biggest motivations people have for taking up SUPing is to improve their fitness. While it certainly varies by an individual’s metabolism and physiology, studies show that the average person burns 400-550 calories per hour of paddling. Of course, it does more than help someone fit into a pair of skinny jeans, as SUPing is a lean muscle-builder too, working your legs, shoulders, upper back, and arms. It also engages the core unlike any other form of exercise. Factor in the convenient inflatable variety (an ISUP) and you get a little extra “pump” before each session. 

A stand up paddle board is essentially the ultimate outdoor gym, so before you jump on the Peloton wagon you may want to invest in one. That said, like with exercise equipment, not all options are created equally. Below is a breakdown of the top SUPs to consider to accommodate your exercise goals.

Best Inflatable SUPs for People Who Want to Improve Their Fitness

The Infinite Mantra11

Want a SUP and yoga mat rolled-up in one? The Infinite Mantra 11 feels as sturdy as a gym floor. With dimensions of 11’ x 34” x 6” and a diamond-patterned high-traction EVA pad with 5mm thickness and 50A rigidity, this SUP provides a sturdy surface whether you’re paddling flat-water lakes or calm ocean coastlines. As a result, the paddle board is often chosen by those who seek greater physical (and mental) fitness through yoga, pilates, stretching, certain types of callisthenics, and even tai chi. View our complete guide as to why the Infinite Mantra 11 is tailor-made for yoga (and related) fitness programs.

The Carta Marina

This is a favourite among CrossFit enthusiasts or any current or soon-to-be fitness buff who prefers constantly varied functional movements performed at high levels of intensity. This board is built for speed and touring with dimensions of 12” x 32” x 6” and surfboard v-shaped nose. The design allows you to cut through the ocean or windblown-lake waves and maintain speed by parting and displacing the water to either side. In doing so, calorie-burning, muscle-building, core engagement, and cardiovascular activity ramps up significantly. This SUP also boasts an 8-point D-ring tie-down system in the front, and a 4-point tie-down in the back, so that you can bring your fitness gear along for the ride. In addition, you’ll benefit from the two integrated action camera mounts that will allow you to record your sessions. This helps you analyze your form when it comes to paddling and other onboard exercises. By gathering this post-session information you can make adjustments where needed to protect your joints and spinal alignment. You can even take the footage to your physiotherapist for deeper analysis.

While accommodating to beginners, the Carta Marina SUP is exceedingly great for those who want to challenge their fitness in all sorts of conditions. 

The Elemental Wave Ten6

The two SUPs for fitness (above) offer options for those on two sides of the exercise spectrum. Most people however want something in the middle of the bookend. This is where the Elemental Wave Ten6 comes in. Rated as Sea Gods’ “Best All-Around Inflatable Paddle-board for Maneuverability” yet still providing confidence-building dimensions of 10’6” x 32” x 6”, this may very well be the best SUP fitness board for you and your entire household. 

You can use the Elemental Wave Ten6 for static or slow-moving work such as the aforementioned yoga, pilates, stretching, and tai chi regime, but you can also lock in, point, and race your SUP from one end of the lake to the other. The board offers an exquisite combination of strong yet lightweight construction. It is easy to ride, so it is perfect for beginners, while allowing intermediate paddlers and fitness fanatics to “level up” when they desire. View more on what makes the Elemental Wave Ten6 the best all-around stand up paddle board for all, especially those who place a premium on health and wellness.  

The Ketos Racing SUP

This is our top board for fitness. Simply put, it goes fast in a straight line. If the elemental wave is a nice steady jog, the Ketos is a hill sprint. If you are a more experienced rider, the Ketos will help you level-up your fitness. 

Do you have questions about which Sea Gods SUP is best suited to your wants, needs, and fitness goals? Queries about our lifetime warranty, FREE shipping, or anything else? Contact us today - we’re here for your support!


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