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Beginner? Choosing the Best Paddle Board for YOU

Best Paddle Board for Beginners Canada

To begin with, congrats on your entry into the world of stand up paddle boarding! While there may be many comparisons, there’s simply no other form of outdoor recreation like it. How many activities can you name that provide superior core conditioning, muscle building, and calorie-burning, while at the same time imparting a sense of serenity that stills the mind and helps one escape the bustle around them? It’s hardcore exercise and mediation rolled up in one.

However, you’re at an important juncture in your journey. As a beginner, your choice of stand up paddleboard (SUP) can make or break your experience. It will determine whether your SUP becomes an extension of your life, or resigns to collecting dust in your garage. To make sure the latter doesn’t happen we have provided a breakdown of what to look for when choosing a board.

What Beginners Should Consider When Choosing a Stand Up Paddle Board and Which SUPs We Recommend

A SUP for You Today…and Tomorrow

Look at a SUP as an investment in your future of outdoor recreation. You are making a purchase not just for what you need today, but for what you want/need two, five, and ten (etc.) years from now. Your board should provide stability on flat water so that your confidence grows with each stroke of the paddle. It should still perform as you graduate from small calm lakes to windier days and larger waterways with bumps on the surface. And as your skills develop and you decide to take your SUP along the salty shorelines of Canada you demand that stability and performance maintain despite changes in current and unanticipated surprises (i.e. a seal popping up beside you).

This is why we suggest steering clear of the entry-level paddle boards that you find at Canadian Tire, Costco, Walmart, and even Winners HomeSense. While they may be great for what you need today, they typically aren’t suitable to carry you on your journey as you progress. So which SUPs will accomplish this? 

Our top-selling inflatable standup paddle board (ISUP) is the Diatom Ten6 which with dimensions of 10’6” x 34” x 6” is An amazing board for beginners because of its stability but also a great cruiser for intermediate and even advanced paddlers because its great for playing in chop, and exploring the shores as well as flat water. But your decision doesn’t end here. Keep reading.

What Will You Use it for Most?

If you’re using your SUP solely for casual paddling then the aforementioned Diatom Ten6 makes sense. Will it be a part of your yoga regime? Then look to the Infinite Mantra11 ISUP, which has been designed with yoga in mind. Comfortable in the ocean but have yet to paddle board? Then tackle the chop and rip of the deep blue sea with the Ketos Racing SUP. Define your primary goals (if you have one/them) and you will have a better idea of which type of paddle board to buy. Heck, people even use our ISUPs to escape the crowds on-land and paint.

Who Else Will Use It?

Beginners find comfort in having others in their life be a part of their paddle board experience. You may be lending the SUP to a friend, or sharing it with family between sessions. Who these individuals are may all factor into the board you choose. If a senior member of your circle is going to take the board out once and a while then this may be the perfect ISUP. On the flip side, teenage beginners, who develop in skill quite rapidly, will prefer this board. And what if the family member joining in on the beginner journey is of the furry/fluffy variety? Have a look at the best paddle board for dogs before making your purchase decision. All in all, Sea Gods ISUPs are tailor-made for beginners and their entire family - here’s why.

Where Will You Paddle Most?

Will you stick close to your nearby lake or “home break”? Or do you plan to travel with your SUP quite a lot? Where you plan on paddling on a regular basis definitely weighs into the decision about which paddle board to buy. Have a look at the top spots (for those of varying skill levels) for paddling around Greater Vancouver and for SUPing across BC as examples. Developing an understanding of the waterway/s that you will paddle through the most will factor into your decision. Traits regarding current, crowd, depth, obstacles (pier pilings, moored boats, protruding rocks, reef, etc.) swell, temperature, tide, and wind all factor in. But what do you do with the information you’ve noticed/gathered about “your” spot? Sea Gods have taken the time to create helpful video content for each one of the paddle boards in our online store

Again, as a beginner, you’re making an investment, so take the time to look at the options, and watch the informative video for each board (Diatom Ten6, Carta Marina Touring, etc.). By the end, you will be prepared to make a truly informed purchase decision.  

Still on the fence about which board to buy for your journey as a beginner stand up paddleboarder? That’s what we’re here for. Contact Sea Gods anytime.  

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