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Best SUP for Women 2023 

Best SUP for Women 2023

Allow us to begin with a disclaimer. As a husband and wife team, we fully understand that with appropriate experience and fitness, anyone can ride anything when it comes to a stand up paddleboard (SUP). What we’re here to do today, however, is respond to a question that we always get - what is the best SUP for women? After years of experience connecting paddlers to the right gear, we have confidently narrowed it down to two inflatable SUPs that we know you’ll love. We have been able to do so because of the feedback we’ve received from super-stoked women who have become a part of the Sea Gods ohana. Let’s review!

Why Women Across Canada Turn to the Elemental Wave CX and Infinite Mantra ULF Inflatable SUPs for their Paddling Adventures in 2023

Elemental Wave CX Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard

The first thing that draws your attention to this SUP, is the striking aesthetic. We are honoured to have artist Heather Renaux produce a surrealist reimagining of a sea maiden to grace the underbelly of this best SUP for women, or in this case - mermaids

Beauty aside, you’ll appreciate how this SUP maneuvers. Despite the volume, which correctly infers confidence in stability, the impressive 10’6” x 32” x 6” paddleboard is surprisingly lightweight. In fact, it’s 20% lighter than its popular predecessor

While agile and portable, it does not sacrifice strength, as the updated cross-weave drop-stitch technology proffers ultimate rigidity and brawn. These features collectively make the SUP appropriate for your flatwater and ocean adventures. 

Furthermore, the Elemental Wave CX has everything you need to hit the water. It arrives with your adjustable carbon-fibre paddle, leash, fin, action-camera mounts, tie-downs, pump, wheeled hiking backpack, maintenance kit, and more. Once you Add to Cart (available for preorder), you won’t have to make trips to the nearest outdoor adventure retailer - you’re all set. Busy women across Canada most certainly appreciate this kind of full-service convenience!

View full specs on the Elemental Wave CX ISUP right here.

Best SUP for Women Canada 2023

Infinite Mantra ULF Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard 

Like many women, you may be a multitasker, even when it comes to fun, leisure, and fitness. If this sounds like you, consider the Infinite Mantra ULF inflatable stand up paddleboard.

In addition to being a strong paddler for lakes and accommodating ocean conditions, this 11 x 34" x 6” SUP with the most optimal PSI range is the most stable of them all. As a result, the Infinite Mantra ULF has become the go-to Yoga paddleboard in Canada. The premium military-grade materials with upgraded PVC ULF technology and heat-molded seams ensure you can confidently paddle out to your favorite (or unknown) sport. From there, you can “drop anchor” and take a plank (beginner), warrior stance (intermediate), or supported headstand (advanced) position as you see fit. 

Like the other “best SUP for women” (Elemental Wave CX), the Infinite Mantra ULF is outfitted with everything you need so that you’re good to go from the moment it arrives at your doorstep. And did we mention that both boards come with FREE shipping across Canada, a 30 Day Love it or Return it Guarantee, and a Lifetime Warranty? Who knew whimsicality and adventurousness could merge so well with sensibility? You did - of course!

View full specs on the Infinite Mantra ULF ISUP right here

Best SUP for Women - Yoga

Contact Sea Gods today if you have any questions about these ISUPs, other products and accessories, shipping, and more.  

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