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Best Paddle Board For a Small Person 2023 

Best Paddle Board for Small Short Person Canada 2023

Do you have a big thirst for outdoor adventure and an enormous love for the sea but are small in stature? Fret not because there’s nothing mutually exclusive about any of it. 

With the right gear, you can paddle into the ocean, lake, or other waterway with complete confidence. How do you know which is the best paddle board for a small person with so many options? We can address the latter. Below is a breakdown of why the Elemental Wave inflatable paddleboard is the best option for YOU.

Why the Elemental Wave Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board is the Best SUP for Paddlers of a Smaller Stature

Best Paddle Board for Small Person Canada

Top Rated for Maneuverability

The biggest challenge in stand up paddle-boarding for someone who is slight in size is typically a compromised ability to maneuver the SUP on the water. The Elemental Wave is up for the challenge more than any other ISUP. The paddle board is top-rated for maneuverability. 

With dimensions of 10’6” x 32” x 6”, the 22-pound Elemental Wave is the most compact of our adult inventory. It is strong yet light and easy to ride. In fact, the updated Elemental Wave CX, which features cross weave drop-stitch is 20% lighter than the already appealing Ultra Light Fusion model. Despite your size, you can turn on a dime, whether to change course to paddle into a small incoming wave or pivot to follow a seal, beaver, or buddy. 

Best Paddle Board For a Small Person

Can Take Bumps Without Knocking You Off Your Perch

Big or small, there’s never a guarantee that someone won’t fall into the water while paddling. What fun would that be anyways? That being said, it’s less likely to happen when perched upon the Elemental Wave. This is thanks to the paddle board’s premium-grade, durable, rigid, impact-resistant construction that features double reinforced military PVC on the rails. The odds of getting bumped off by a protruding rock, dock, or fellow paddler are slimmer when you ride the Elemental Wave.

Easy to Carry and Transport

Shoulder Strap for carrying a Paddle Board

The best paddle board for a small person is an inflatable, allowing easier transport to/from the water’s edge. We’ve checked that box with this recommendation. But we’ve also designed the board with a number of conveniences that make it easier for you to manage in and out of the water. 

The Elemental Wave is outfitted with portage handles and is compatible with the Sea Gods’ adjustable shoulder carry strap. It is also light to carry and quick to inflate with the accompanying pump provided with purchase. Regarding accompanying accessories that make transport less cumbersome, your purchase includes the wheeled hiking backpack. The pack fits your deflated SUP, the lightweight carbon-fibre paddle, fin, leash, and everything else. Your hike to the beachfront or river’s edge will be a pleasant, even for those requiring more strides than long-legged companions.

View full specs on the Elemental Wave ULF right here.

View full specs on the Elemental Wave CX right here.

No matter how you look at it, the Elemental Wave offers BIG value to those of small stature. To add to this value, Sea Gods offers FREE shipping across Canada and the USA, a 30 Day Love it or Return it Guarantee and a Lifetime Warranty.

Contact Sea Gods today if you have any questions about today’s featured paddle board, other products and accessories, shipping, and more. 

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