Why Stand Up Paddleboarding is Perfect for Seniors

Why Stand Up Paddleboarding is Perfect for Seniors

The best part of retirement is getting all this time to focus on our health and vitality.  I know you wanted to make a statement by being the hip cool senior turning heads and shocking whippersnappers as you flip your silver locks and rip by with your SUP board, but sorry- it's already mainstream.  More and More folks are discovering all the benefits that Paddle boarding provides to seniors- let me tell it to you straight:

retired Senior woman stand up paddle boarding with kayak seat

Low Impact Exercise
The best exercises these days are ones that are low impact but still provide an excellent cardiovascular workout. That's exactly what you get with stand up paddle boarding. Even if you don't want to stand on the board (which isn't required), there are other options like sitting, kneeling or just laying back and enjoying the ride. You can even attach a comfortable kayak seat if you prefer! And because it requires balance, SUPing also helps improve hip strength - an important factor in preventing falls as we age (and keeping that butt perky!).  

Fun for All Ages
Stand up paddle boarding is so much fun for all ages - you can bring your kids or grandkids along for a leisurely paddle around the lake or ocean, or challenge them to a race if they’re feeling competitive.  If you already had your morning adventure while everyone else was sleeping, then just boot the kids out on your board while you enjoy a quiet happy hour.  Sea Gods boards are so durable, (check the lifetime warranty) this is one thing that the grand kids can't wreck.

The Right Gear Matters
When it comes to choosing gear, seniors should opt for a lightweight inflatable board like those with CX technology, that are easy to carry while still being super rigid and strong.  Inflatable boards can roll up and pack into the wheeled backpack, which makes them easy to transport and store - perfect if you’ve downsized your home recently! Plus these blow up boards don’t require any heavy lifting which is great news for those with joint pain or mobility issues. Two great options are the Skylla or the Diatom Ten6- these boards are stable and maneuverable so you can skip the learning curve and get right to the enjoyable part.

 Rechargable battery electric paddle board pump

Some gadgets are just clutter for the garage, but the electric battery SUP pump is one that you will use and love. This is retirement, not work- skip the hand pumping and just relax while the battery pump fills your board in half the time of a pickleball game (about 10 minutes).

 driving over paddle board with excavator

I know, there are enough senior driving jokes, but The Lifetime warranty is no Joke.  If you accidentally drive over your board, it will survive to ride another day.  


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