Best Paddle Board Gifts for Adventurous Dads 2023

Best Paddle Board Gifts for Dads 2023 Canada

Is Father’s Day coming up? Perhaps a birthday or a milestone anniversary? Maybe you just want to thank the hard-charging patriarch in your life for all he sacrifices for his Ohana? Whatever the case may be, you’re on the hunt for paddle board gifts that perfectly honour for his adventurous soul.

As a family-owned and operated stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) brand, we appreciate that mission better than any other across Canada. To assist, we have compiled our top picks for his SUP season/s ahead. Let’s review!

3 Must-Have Stand-Up Paddle Boarding Gifts to Give Adventurous Fathers and Daring Dads for 2023

Skylla CX Cross Touring Inflatable Paddle Board

Best Paddle Board Gifts for Dads 2023 in Canada

As a bit of a daredevil that is somewhat conscious of his limits, he’ll want a high-performance SUP that ensures that he’ll enjoy some much-needed leisure after a long day or week of work. A touring board is an excellent place to start.

A touring paddle board is a little longer, promoting a faster glide and speed on the water. Our Skylla CX Cross Touring ISUP provides for this but ranks high for stability and  maneuverability. As the name infers, it’s a hybrid board which makes it a solid option for Dad.

The inflatable SUP is manufactured from military-grade materials, which he’ll love to brag about with his buddies. With dimensions of 11” x 33” x 6” is a manageable beast that is designed with a tough cross-weave (CX) drop stitch, an integrated seam reinforcing strip, and a multi-layer rail for even more durability. This ISUP is as enduring as his adventurous demeanour. 

Aesthetically, the ISUP will appeal to him as well. The artisan work (Pellvetica) features a reimagining of an ancient Pegasus that has been given a nautical makeover for added fierceness on the sea.

But if he’s like most dads, he may not like to admit when he’s in over his head. When it comes to paddleboarding in challenging conditions, that mentality can have him in the water more often than planned. As the gift-giver, you’re already planning ahead for this, so we again recommend the Skylla CX Cross Touring SUP as an ideal board for the stubbornly proud. In addition to aforementioned stability, the high-traction deck pad features a diamond-pattern design for better grip and 5mm thickness with 50A rigidity.  He’d be as glued to the board as one can be (without using actual glue).

View full specs on this superiorly designed inflatable SUP. With Pop's SUP dialled in, let’s now head over to our Accessory store to complete your checklist of paddle board gifts for Dad.

Premium PFD

Best Paddle Board Gifts for Dads 2023 in Canada

Knowing that your dad (or the father of your children) likes to push the limits when enjoying his outdoor adventures, you want peace of mind that he’ll be protected from the elements that he exposes himself to. For this reason, you will want to add a  premium personal floatation device (PFD) to his paddleboarding bounty. These are our top PFD picks (click each to learn more):

SUPing Apparel

We’ve helped you pick the essentials (SUP and PFD), so now it’s time to outfit the “big fella” with fresh new apparel that matches his penchant for all things nautical. If you don’t do it, he’ll keep wearing those same old salty tees and hoodies this summer. SeaGods has a line of apparel and accessories for him rock before, during, and for après-SUP. Click to view which ones suit his style (or the one you prefer for him) best:


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