See What DIVEIN Reviewers have to Say About our Boards (Spoiler Alert- They Loved Them!)

See What DIVEIN Reviewers have to Say About our Boards (Spoiler Alert- They Loved Them!)

We sent two of our Ultra Light Fusion paddleboards to the outdoor review mag DIVEIN for testing. We’re proud of our paddleboards and we were excited to hear what DIVEIN’s experts liked and disliked about our inflatable boards.  

We sent the Diatom and Carta Marina in our ULF series to DIVEIN for review. They seemed to recognize what we’re trying to do at Sea Gods: 

“Having seen so many paddle board companies copying each other these last few years, it was refreshing to get the Diatom and Carta SUP board packages. The quality and design of these boards are immediately apparent, and the experience only gets better out on the water with them.” - Bradley Axmith, SUP Board tester at

Read DIVEIN’s reviews of the Diatom Ten6 ULF and the Carta Marina ULF.

Professional reviewer riding sea gods carta marina ulf touring inflatable stand up paddle board on the ocean in the UK

One of DIVEIN’s paddleboard experts, Torben Lonne, testing the Carta Marina ULF on a calm spring morning. 

Our ULF lineup of SUPs are built using heat molded seams that ensure the best possible quality demanded by continual use in different kinds of weather conditions. 

Lifetime Warranty proves our commitment to keeping our paddle boards out on the water instead of clogging up the landfills.

All of our paddleboards have been inspired by our appreciation of the ocean, and we hope that’s reflected in the experience every paddler gets when they’re standing on a Sea Gods board in the open water.

Sea Gods Diatom Ten6 ULF inflatable stand up paddleboard with lifetime warranty

“It’s not just the beautiful artwork that makes Sea Gods’ SUP boards stand out. Everything–from the handles to the paddles–is clearly made without cutting corners. We like to see companies that are maintaining or improving their boards instead of cutting corners for discounts. The ultra light Diatom and Carta Marina demonstrate this.” - DIVEIN’s Bradley Axmith 

As enthusiastic paddlers, every one of our SUP board packages is the result of thoughtful planning. That includes everything that makes getting to and from the water as pleasant as it is paddling out on it.

Sea Gods Inflatable stand up paddleboards include all the accessories the paddle, leash, fin, pump and bag

Each Sea Gods iSUP package includes quality accessories that complement the standards we strive to achieve with our paddle boards. That’s seen most importantly in our paddles, as DIVEIN attests:

“It’s one of the best paddles we’ve seen included in a SUP package. The shaft also has a built-in groove system, which prevents twisting during your stroke and the handle has just the right curve for your palm.” - Bradley Axmith from DIVEIN on the Diatom Ten6 ULF


professional paddleboarder riding the Sea Gods DIatom for a review

It’s nice to get feedback from industry experts. Even though our team is made up primarily of certified instructors and members of different paddle boarding associations, it’s the criticism from consumers and reviewers that we need to keep improving.

Dive in reviewer Torben Lonne with carta marina ULF on beach in the UK

DIVEIN’s Torben Lonne appreciated the Carta Marina ULF.

“At 6’6’’ and over 200 pounds, I like longer boards for touring. The Carta Marina proved stiff enough for very decent speed, but the tracking was most impressive,” according to Torben,  DIVEIN’s SUP expert.

Confirmation that we’re doing it right is always nice. We’re going to keep improving our iSUPs and we’re going to keep up the level of service that our community deserves. 

We hope to see you out there too!


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