Best Paddle Board Gifts for Working Moms 2023

Paddle Board Gifts for Moms

Whether Mother’s Day is around the corner, a birthday, anniversary, or you simply want to reward the hard-charging matriarch in your life for all she does, you’re on the hunt for paddle board gifts for her. As a family-owned operation, we can appreciate that mission better than any other stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) brand out there.

To help, we have laid out our top picks for her SUP season/s ahead. Let’s review!

3 Must-Have Stand-Up Paddle Boarding Gifts to Give Hardworking Moms in 2023

Paddle Board Gifts for Moms 2023

Diatom Ten6 CX Inflatable Paddleboard

A recent study uncovered the biggest challenges faced by working mothers. The first result concluded that they are more likely to feel overwhelmed than their counterparts. This initial finding leads to the concluding stated desire of women who participated in the survey; they crave time to prioritize reflection and self-care:

“Working mothers, more than working women without children in the home tell they could achieve better work-life balance if they ‘had more quiet time to regain perspective’ (30% vs. 19%). They are also more likely than all other women to say better work-life balance could be achieved if they had ‘more opportunities to exercise’ (30% vs. 18% working women without children in the home, 15% all other women).” (Survey)

In the past, gift-givers in the family have attempted to fulfill her desire for reflection and self-care with spa day packages. That doesn’t cut it for modern women, especially not the one in your household who has a thirst for outdoor adventure. And this is where Sea Gods’ Diatom Ten6 CX Inflatable Paddleboard comes in. 

Best Paddle Board Gifts for Working Moms 2023

This inflatable SUP is the best all-around SUP on the market because it ranks highest for maneuverability and stability. These features align with a hardworking mother’s need to enjoy peaceful moments on the water without worrying about falling in with an unexpected boat wake. That being said, the Diatom Ten6 CX is also highly rated for tracking and speed, which makes it ideal for her impulse to exercise and compete against her own time (or dad’s) when monitoring her progress day after day. And on that last note, she will be out there often on this exceedingly enjoyable craft. 

The Diatom Ten6 is outfitted with the ultimate ISUP accessory package, which includes everything from the adjustable 3-piece carbon fibre paddle to the wheeled hiking backpack. She’ll experience the insatiable yearning to paddle every day. See a video and view full specs on this thoughtfully designed inflatable SUP.

With the SUP dialed in, let’s now take a walk to our Accessory store to complete your checklist of paddle board gifts for mom.

Include a Premium PFD

Paddle Board Gifts for Her

A mother is protective of everyone in the Ohana, and they (yourself included) is equally concerned about her wellbeing. So no matter how confident she may be on the water, you want peace of mind that she’ll be protected from the elements. This is why you should add a premium personal floatation device (PFD) to her paddleboarding “gift basket”. Here are our top PFD picks (click each to learn more):

SUPing Swag 

sea gods swag

You’ve got the essentials (SUP and PFD) out of the way, so now it’s time to throw in some swag so mom can show off her affinity for #SeaLife. Sea Gods has a line of apparel and accessories for her to wear before, during, and for après-SUP. Click to view which t-shirts, hoodies, and gear suit her style best:



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