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Carta Marina Touring Board • Perfect for Any Level of Paddle Boarder

Perfect Touring Paddle Board for Beginners and Pro Paddle Boarders

When you think of a touring board, your mind might automatically jump to the idea that it is only suitable for advanced paddle boarders. However, this is far from the truth! The Carta Marina touring board is perfect for any level of paddle boarder who wants to venture further and explore more.

In this review, we'll delve into why this board is suitable for beginners, as well as experienced paddle boarders. If you're considering getting yourself a Carta Marina touring board, keep reading to find out why it's a fantastic choice!

Carta Marina Touring Paddle Board being inflated

If you're wondering whether or not a 12 foot long touring board is right for you, here are a few quick checks you can make. Firstly, do you have an app like Strava that tracks how fast and far you're going? Secondly, do you hold your hand up to your eyes and look out from the shore at the place you want to go? Finally, do you generally bring a bag with you for "just in case", like just in case you see something awesome and want to be ready for anything? If you answer yes to these questions, then the Carta Marina touring board is undoubtedly for you!  

While an all around board is pretty good at all the 4 characteristics that you consider in paddle board performance, a Touring board excels at two - Tracking and Efficiency. Maneuverability is not top of your list when you have places to go, however you can make a quick 180 degree pivot turn if you just practice your step back. 

Better tracking means you can paddle on one side for longer before needing to switch sides and correct course, meaning you can keep your cadence and get those reps in, really building muscle and burning calories. Additionally, the efficiency of the board means that you can go further with less work, allowing you to spend more time taking in the sights and less time tiring yourself out.

carta marina performance on the ocean with cargo

Another critical aspect to consider when choosing a paddleboard is the Stability. Thankfully, this is another area where the Carta Marina does well. The 32" width is stable and easy to master after only a few hours on the water. Of course, if you're still worried about your balance, there is always the option to opt for a slightly wider board. The 33" Skylla is a good cross touring choice, but you sacrifice efficiency and tracking when you take that extra inch of stability.

If you're a complete beginner to paddleboarding, it's essential to consider what your goals are. You don't want a board that's only suitable for today; you want one that will continue to support you no matter how far you want to go. Even if you do take a swim or two in your early outings, you'll soon learn the ropes and be up and paddling in no time. 

carta marina cx touring paddle board

So, why should you choose the Carta Marina touring board? Whether you're a complete beginner to paddleboarding or have been doing it for years, this board is perfect for anyone looking to venture further and explore more. With its easy tracking, stability, and efficiency, you'll be able to comfortably spend hours on the water without feeling too fatigued. And if you're someone who loves adventure, then the Carta Marina touring board is an absolute must-have

And YES, you can bring your Dog!

dog friendly paddleboard

The Carta Marina CX features the commissioned art piece by Jenny Kirby (Nautical Nonsense)  here.  The construction is CX Technology, where the strings inside criss cross like the cables in a steel frame building.  This means that this touring SUP is not only beautiful, but ultra rigid and incredibly light weight.


carta marina promo image

If you are looking for an inflatable paddle board that will take your further, faster, and with less effort, then the Carta Marina CX is definitely for you.

So, what are you still scrolling for? Adventure Awaits!

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