Top Ten things to look for in the best SUP to buy in 2024

Top Ten things to look for in the best SUP to buy in 2024

I feel your pain and I want to make things clear for you-  You searched "Best stand up paddle board" or something like it and now your news feed, social media and google ads are bombarding you with all things SUP.  It can be overwhelming and you are so fatigued with research that you just can't decide which board to get and now you are stuck on shore.


Here is an easy list of the Top 10 things to look for when shopping for a new Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board:


1.  Best new technology in materials

There are many different ways to build an inflatable SUP and some are just better than others.  From the basics of the raw materials used, the technology used to put them together, the PVC, Drop stitch strings and material that they are attached to, the valves, attachments and adhesives- the old adage is true- you get what you pay for.  Being sure that the very best materials are used is a top priority for Sea Gods, as well as innovating new materials.  Just like the top Michelin star restaurants use only the best ingredients, so do the best SUP companies.  The best new Tech is Cross Weave drop stitch (vs Linear which is heavier and not as rigid) with Woven material (vs knit which is cheaper and not as stiff).  The Woven Cross Weave drop stitch material should be fused directly to the PVC (vs glued, which is heavier and does not last as long).  If you truly want the best inflatable paddle board that will last the longest and ride the best, you need to be sure it has these three materials at its core.  Cross Weave, Woven Drop Stitch and Fusion

 2. Best new technology in construction

Just like there are many differences in the materials, there are also a lot of different ways to put a paddle board together-  some are fast and easy that factories can hire new workers to slap together a board with minimal time and training, while the best ways take a master to get it right.  With adhesives, workers can glue together a board and if they get it lined up wrong they can use a solvent to remove the mistake and start again.  Boards built this way are very budget friendly but the warranty and price tag will tell you all you need to know.  If you are a friend to the environment you won’t go this throw away route.  A true master craftsman uses the better technology to heat weld the rails together.  Using less adhesives and solvents is not only better (see point 9 below) but also means your paddle board will last a long time.  When the seams of your SUP are heat molded it not only looks better but it means your seam won’t blow apart on the beach like some cheap SUPs are infamous for.  Because a heat sealed seam cannot be taken apart, there are no new guys on the job.  Only master craftsmen build Sea Gods boards, to make sure that they are well balanced, built perfectly and made to last.  Fine work does not come cheap- you can be sure that the craftsmen making your Sea Gods board are well compensated for their skills.  If you are looking for the best new technology in construction, make sure your iSUP is built with Heat Fused, or welded, or heat molded seams.

3.  Best design

Look good, ride good.  Every year Pantone puts out the colour of the year, Good Housekeeping puts out the best design colour pallets, and brands like iRocker and Bote put out “new color ways”… Sea Gods puts out fresh new original art- boards with limited edition prints commissioned by independent artists.  In addition to new art prints, Sea Gods is also making strides with the design possibilities on the EVA deck pad.  The newest designs for 2024 include art by big names in the surf art scene, Eduardo Bolioli and Drew Brophy.  Also new for 2024 is the layered EVA pad with CNC cut layers to keep a super comfortable grip for your feet but look next level amazing.  In 2024 the best design from reviewers will definitely go, again, to Sea Gods.


4. Best Paddle Board Accessories

Stand Up Paddleboarding is not all about just the board, it is also about the paddle and the fin.  Unless you completely cheap out you should also get a safety leash included in your kit.  And if you have an inflatable SUP then you also need to consider the pump and the carry bag.  They say the devil is in the details, and the same is with the accessories.  You may already know that a carbon fiber paddle is the gold standard-  lighter, longer lasing, and easier to paddle with vs aluminum and fiberglass- but there are still some companies out there that will take advantage of you by selling you a “carbon fiber” paddle and then giving you a carbon shaft with a plastic handle glued in the top.  Sea Gods has a full Carbon moulded handle and shaft, with a nylon blade because it needs to stand up to the times you push off the rocks and sand with it.  The best SUPs of 2024 should also have wheels on the backpack because even when you have an ultra light CX package, there are still times you will be rolling it through the airport or down a boardwalk.  Thoughtful design in accessories like the oversize backpack also means you can avoid a lot of 4 letter words when getting it back in the bag at the end of a fun day out.  If you have a good manual pump like the Sea Gods dual chamber Bravo pump, you don’t need to worry about charging batteries or being tethered to your car at the parking lot with an electric pump.  A good manual pump will not take more than 7-8 minutes to get up to pressure and out on the water.  Of course, if you do want to take the work out of play, the Sea Gods battery pump is the best electric pump of 2024 because it can go anywhere with you- right to the waters edge and inflate 2 boards to 16psi while you apply your sunscreen.

5. Unique design

Don’t be a basic Betty- There are the boards that everyone has and so you just go with the same one because it seems like an easy choice-  but in 2024 with so many options out there, you don’t need to be stuck with the same as everyone else.  Let your personality shine and find a board that suits not only your riding style, but your artistic style as well.  Sea Gods comes out with fresh limited edition art prints each year, which means that you can be a trend setter and once you have your Sea Gods SUP and your neighbors and friends ask where you got it, they won’t be going out to buy the same they will have many original designs to choose from.

6. Best value

Buying direct from the company and not from a retailer means that there is no middle man to mark up the price before it reaches you. That’s why we can offer amazing boards at a really honest price.  Don’t confuse Sea Gods as anything less than the best just because our prices are far from the highest.  As a small company that doesn’t have the expensive overhead of stores to lease, we get to support our artists and offer consumers our Premium SUP packages at a price comparable to a cheap SUP.

7. Best rated

Every Stand Up Paddleboard company will tell you all the reasons why their board is superior to others, however Sea Gods is a small independent company that has made quite an entrance to the SUP scene- not only by making its way to the top of all the reviews but also has thousands of loyal fans giving nothing but Love in the social groups and through personal recommendations.  With only 2/1000 boards ever needing warranty and with their great performance and design, Sea Gods remains the best Stand Up Paddleboard to buy in 2024.

8. Best Customer service 

A great SUP company will provide you customer service that makes you feel like you are in a Surf Shop (only, a SUP shop!)  There are hundreds of SUP “companies” that popped up during Covid- most of them picking from the same catalog at a factory and picking the colour and brand to print on it.  There are some giants who hire out their customer service to folks with phones and computers reading scripts and handling complaints.  Sea Gods has a small team of real SUP folk and the founders who will take your calls and emails, chats and answer your comments- even making personalized videos for you to address your question.  In 2024 you can sus out the best SUP companies by giving them a call and asking a few questions.  Sea Gods has the best customer service and will not only give you advice on what boar to buy but also what to wear, how to SUP and when and where to paddle board.

9. Environmentally friendly

As touched on above, Sea Gods is the most environmentally friendly SUP company, right from the construction stage to the longevity of our boards.  We don’t want our boards to end up in landfill after a year like the budget boards, so part of our commitment to the environment is making Paddle Boards that last a long long time.  We also hate plastic packaging.  In 2022 as Sea Gods grew we made the switch to compostable corn packaging, and now in 2024 instead of that we are giving you a re-usable cloth to use to protect and dry your board, to reduce the packaging and increase the lifetime of your board even more.  In 2024 it is the year to SUPport responsible, eco friendly brands that care for the waters we explore.


10. Lifetime warranty

If you just want the Cole’s notes- the shortest and fastest way to figure out what is the best SUP to buy in 2024, look only at the warranty.  This is the company’s promise to you about their product.  If it is any less than 5 years then you are not looking at the best.  The best SUPs in 2024 are made by folks who have a good track record of making awesome SUPs and are confident to put their brand beside the words: Lifetime warranty

Don't be overwhelmed, just make your list of the 10 most important things to look for when shopping for a new SUP.  See how many you can check off with each option, and I promise, Sea Gods can check off all the boxes on your list or your money back.

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