Which SUP Paddle Board Is Best For You?

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Which SUP Or iSUP Is Best For You?

So you want to SUP - Great!  Now let's help you figure out which SUP paddle board is for you!

Stand Up Paddle Boards [ SUP's ] are like underwear- everybody should have some, but the right fit is important and the style is different depending on what activity you want to do.  Thankfully, the fit is pretty accommodating and SUP is always fashionable with a beautiful Sea Gods Paddle board.

First consider what you want to do.  Go Fast? Go Far? Relax with some added stability? Take some local SUP Yoga classes? Maybe just be prepared with it for every adventure.  There is a paddle board for each of those!

Female standing on a SUP board

Elemental Wave Ten6 Paddleboard

If you are a total SUP beginner and don’ know exactly what you want to do, you can’t go wrong with an All-around Paddle board.  The Elemental Wave Ten6 by SeaGods is 32 inches wide and Ten and a half feet long, a perfect size for riders under 200 lb.  The shape of these all-around stand up paddle boards has a rounded nose and tail to make them fast enough and very maneuverable.  The size of these Sup paddle boards is wide enough to be stable and easy to ride, but small enough that they are light to carry and load, great for hiking with.  They are quick to pump up and make for an easy paddle board to get out on the water for a carefree suping adventure.


Three people on a stand up paddle board

Diatom Ten6 Paddleboard

If that first All-around Paddle board sounded great but lost you at 200 lbs, or you are looking for more stability, the Diatom Ten6 is the board for you. 

Paddleboarding is meant to be chill and fun, and with the extra two inches of width, the 34 inch wide stable All-around Paddle board is a great choice.  The extra volume makes this paddle board extra easy to ride, even with some 2 or 4 legged passengers scrambling around.  Share the love while you are Suping with this oversize deck and two cargo areas, enough space to bring the family.  Paddleboarding has never been so relaxing as with this board that is easy to balance on and easy to turn.


Laying on a paddle board in a Sea Gods hat

Carta Marina Touring Paddleboard

If you are always wondering what is just around that bend, or wish you could keep going for another day, you should be looking for a touring paddle board.  Touring Sup paddle boards are longer and have a pointed nose and flat tail to help them cut through and shed off the water quickly and efficiently.  This makes Suping to a distant shore more do-able.  The speed and efficiency of touring stand up paddle boards vs all-around and especially Yoga boards is obvious when Paddleboarding together.  Touring Sup paddle boards track straighter so you will be able to keep paddling on one side longer with out veering off course, and you will travel further with each stroke.  Stability is still there to support an active Suping beginner, at 32 inches it is a common width for Sup paddle boards.  Like all of SeaGods 2021 boards, the Carta Marina Touring Paddle Board has the sought-after dual cargo areas for bringing gear on your adventure. If you like going places on your paddle board, the Touring style stand up paddle boards are for you.

Ketos 2021 Racing Paddle Board

Ketos Racer Paddleboard

If you get out on the water and your pulse begins to quicken, your paddle digs in deep and you find yourself with the need… the need for speed… There is only one stand up paddle board to cure what ails you-  The Ketos Racing Board.  With the new displacement hull, totally exciting in the inflatable Suping world, you can take this board anywhere and be racing through uncharted waters atop glacial fed lakes.  This paddleboard is long, narrow, and slices through waves and chop to keep you streaking forward with incredible efficiency.  This board will dominate the waters and you will have the podium to yourself against any other board.  Weekend warriors will be temped to sign up for their first real paddle board race when they get the taste of Suping on this beauty.  If you like Paddleboarding but have that internal intensity for speed, this is the paddle board you never knew you needed.


Yoga pose on a SUP paddle board

Infinite Mantra 11 Paddleboard

Water is a sanctuary, a place of power, of tranquility, to refresh your spirit.  Suping does that in a lot of different ways for people, refreshes the spirit.  The Yoga inspired boards are created without the center handle so when you lay flat in corpse pose there is no uncomfortable handle in your back.  The carry handles are instead moved to the sides and a shoulder carry strap is included.  This style of Sup Paddleboards is extra stable with a wide width of 34 inches, and the wide square tail that adds stability and sheds water to save a bit of paddling efficiency.  Yoga inspired Sup paddle boards are not only for Yoga, actually the super large pad makes for a great place to chill out on the water, and there is a lot of room to carry passengers.  If you want your Stand Up Paddleboard to be in a place to enjoy your time relaxing out on the water and you aren’t in a huge hurry to get anywhere, this Infinite Manta 11 is your board.


Man carrying down a paddle board to the water

Basically there are three main goals to consider when deciding which SUP paddle board is for you, Efficiency, Stability and Maneuverability. If you still aren’t sure then don’t sweat it!  Just go with the all-around style paddle board and you are going to have a great time 😊

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