What You Need To Know About SUP Paddle Boarding With Kids In Canada

What you need to know about SUP paddle boarding with kids

SUP Paddle Boarding With Kids In Canada 

Paddleboarding is a great way to bond as a family while exploring the natural beauty of our Canadian waters.  It is one of the most popular outdoor activities because it is fun, easy, and just the right speed for both adults and kids!  Here are some tips for Suping with kids in Canada.

SUP Paddle Boarding with Kids
  • Everyone needs a life vest. Life jackets will make the adventure stress free because you know everyone will survive a tipped board, should it happen!  If there were some kind of trouble where a child should need saving, the adults should be ready to dive in to the rescue with their life vest already on.  Safety culture is an important environment to foster and the kids are watching what the adults are doing on the SUP board, plus it is the law from Transport Canada that every person have a life vest.

    Always wear your life jackets when you stand up paddle board in Canada.
Adults and kids wearing life jackets on paddleboards.
  • SUP Paddle boards have D-ring for an ankle leash and the primary paddler should wear it. The kids do not need to be attached to your sup board, unless it is the string on their boogie board as you tow them along!
kids make paddleboarding challenging


  • Learn how to paddle board. Incredibly lovable as they are, kids tend to complicate everything just a bit, so it is best to know how to paddle board on your own before you bring the kids.  Learn how to fall, recover your board and paddle and paddle and get back on all by yourself. Once you are able to rescue yourself, then you can take your kids Suping with confidence!
paddleboard kids in wetsuits
  • Dangerous wildlife is not much of an issue as the water temperature is when you stand up paddle board in Canada. We may not have anacondas and alligators, but we do have hypothermia to fend off.  Kids are much more susceptible to it, even on a warm sunny day, so watch for blue lips and shivering.  Protect your kids from the cold with a wetsuit and you will have oodles more fun!
fur kids sunglasses
  • When you stand up paddle board in Canada there are some of the most beautiful clear waters that reflect the shoreline and mountains like a mirror. They also reflect the sun.  Don’t forget sun glasses for the kids when Suping!  Just don’t spend too much money on them because they are a Davy Jones’ collectors item.
kids toys on paddleboard
  • Get prepared to tow the toys on the Sup board. Kids love to jump off and swim around, snorkel, get towed behind on the boogie boards and try to paddle themselves.  Just tuck the toys under the tie downs and don’t forget the snacks!
relax on sup with kids
  • Its fine to relax. One of the best things to do with the kids is to find a great swimming spot, let the kids off and kick back to play lifeguard while lounging on your sup board.
kid suping
  • Teach you kids how to board and they may quickly be better at Suping than you! Don’t be jealous, just get ready to buy them their own sup paddle boards- Sea Gods is coming out with a great kids board soon!

Paddleboarding with your kids in Canada is one of the best things you can do for them.  Not only is it a great family bonding adventure, it opens the door to conversations about environmental stewardship and water safety.   Get them started Suping young and let the lifetime of adventures begin!


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