Ten Things I Love Most about my SeaGods Inflatable SUP

Ten Things I love most about my SeaGods Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard

Sea Gods Inflatable SUP

I have a lot of different boards in my garage, but when it is time to go, I always find myself choosing the iSUPs! (inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard), and the Sea Gods is by far the BEST!


Counting Down The Top (10) Reasons


10 reasons why Sea Gods paddle boards are the best


  1.  I can carry it on my back for hiking, it is so light and portable! The bag has awesome padded backpack straps, a hip belt and lots of room for my lunch and extra clothes.

  2. I can bring it on vacation and check it on the airplane! The wheelie bag is easy to stroll around the airport, and there is lots of room to pack my regular luggage inside with my board!

  3. It is super indestructible and does not get ding or crack when I accidentally bang it going around a corner or drop it when unloading.

  4. It is so easy to ride, I can take it everywhere, rivers, lakes, and ocean! It performs well on all of them.

  5. It inflates to 20PSI, so it is super rigid, just like a hard board. It can support a lot of weight with all that extra air pressure!  It rides high and dry on the water, so my feet are warm, and my bum stays dry if I sit down.

  6. The fin box is a sturdy, proper Universal Fin Box, so if I lose my fin or want to try a different one, they are easy to find a replacement!

  7. It has lots of tie down bungees at the front and back, so I always have somewhere to put my stuff.

  8. It has loads of handles, so I always have somewhere to grab when carrying, loading, or getting back on in the water.

  9. The Carbon Fiber Paddle is super light and beautiful. It has a really ergonomic shaped handle and a groove in the shaft, so the blade never turns the wrong way, and I don’t accidentally hold it backwards.

  10. The Graphics are absolutely the BEST! I get loads of compliments every time I go out and I definitely do not look basic.  I love to show some style!

I could go on and on about all the amazing times I have had with my beautiful, original, SeaGods iSUP.  It is so fun and easy to ride!

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