An Intro To Paddle Board Types & Shapes (iSUP, SUP)

Sea Gods paddle boards in White Rock, BC.

Paddle Board Types & Shapes

Stand Up Paddle boarding is the fastest growing board sport, as more people discover how fun and easy it is to get out on the water for a great adventure.  Since people are ready to start this amazing sport, the market has become flooded with all kinds of paddle boards for each niche.  It can be confusing for a  paddle board beginner to navigate all the choices and biased advice out there. The good news is, there is no real wrong choice, but some boards will definitely be better suited for you.


Here is a crash course on the 3 basic iSUP (inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard) types:  



There are a few major differences in the 3 board types- The size, shape and number of handles and tie downs.


Touring Boards 

Carta Marina Touring paddle board

Touring Boards are long and thin to go faster and straighter

They have more tie downs to carry a lot of cargo for when you want to go adventuring from point A to point B and bring camping or hiking gear with you, in dry bags tucked under the tie downs at the front and back. 

These boards are designed to carry a lot more weight, and actually perform best with more weight on them.

The Touring paddle board out on the water.


















Yoga Boards

Infinite Mantra Yoga paddle board


Yoga boards are long and wide, with a square tail shape to add stability. 

These boards have no handle in the center of the board, allowing for a clean space to practice yoga or just lay and relax on your super stable board. 

There are a lot of extra handles on the side, front and back for extra passengers to hold on or get back on the board after going for a swim. 

Super sturdy and stable, this is the ultimate family board for bringing extra passengers and for practicing your balance on the water. 

The shoulder carry strap makes it easy to get to the water, especially if you need a free hand.

A woman in a yoga pose on the Infinite Manta board at sun rise.


All Around Boards


Elemental Wave all around board


All Around Boards are designed to be stable but also maneuverable, with a slightly smaller length and width, and a rounded tail shape, allowing for easy turns.

The smaller size means it is also lighter and quick to pump up this is the best bet for a hiker who will want to carry up to a mountain lake. 

Also great for bringing the dog or the kids, this is the best board for an adventurer who doesn’t want a specialty board but wants to do it all!

Hiking while carrying the wheeled paddle board back pack


The good news is, there really is no wrong shape of board, but some shapes will definitely be a better fit.  As long as you buy a quality board you will be a happy paddler! 


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