SUP Must-Have Accessories for 2023 

SUP Must Have Accessories for 2023

SUP Must Have Accessories for 2023

Accessories. They typically aren't as fun to buy as the outdoor recreation toys we enjoy, but some of these add-ons help us optimize our experiences and have more fun. While Sea Gods inflatable stand-up paddle boards (ISUPs) come with all of the primary accessories one needs to get into the water today (pump, paddle, fin, leash, etc.), there is other gear that will further enhance ownership and enjoyment. And in some cases, they can extend the life of an ISUP investment. That's what we're focusing on with this article. Whether shopping for yourself or gathering ideas for a gift list, there are must-have SUP / ISUP accessories that we consider to be essential. Let's review the top picks for the year ahead!

4 Essential Accessories to Add to Your Inflatable Stand-Up Paddleboarding Experience for 2023 and Beyond

ISUP Cleaning Trio

Cleanliness is next to godliness, especially when it comes to your Sea Gods' ISUP. The importance of maintaining a spick-and-span paddle board spans beyond aesthetics. For one, if you paddle in ocean waters, salt may corrode the material and weaken the seams over time. But even lake water and rivers are loaded with problematic compounds and chemicals. While rinsing with fresh water helps prolong the life of an ISUP, we recommend cleaning the PVC material on your vessel with a natural biodegradable cleaner. This ISUP Cleaning Trio is exactly what you're looking for. The Blue Goo SUP Cleaner will remove sea foam, pond scum, mud, nasty goose poo and more while the Deck Pad Cleaner works as the name states, but also doubles as a neoprene (leashes, wetsuits, booties, etc.) cleaner. Lastly, the Xtreme Cream Performance Polymer Coating offers a healthy sheath of protection against waste, chemicals, and debris. All items in the accessory pack are environmentally friendly, 

ISUP Dry Bag Backpack

You need to bring along assorted gear when going on long paddles and/or excursions where you're not sure what the weather will bring. You require a convenient receptacle to gather and tether or wear. It needs to securely hold your smartphone, water bottle, snacks, sunglasses, towel, windbreaker, and whatever else makes sense for any given session. Furthermore, you need the carrier to be water resistant should you get splashed by passing watercraft or a curious porpoise. We've got you and your gear covered via the Sea Gods dry bag backpack with comfortable hiking straps.


You can tuck your phone into your dry bag (above) but most people want their mobile device immediately accessible for taking photos and/or answering important calls. Enter the CaliCase! The wearable smartphone carrier protects your device from bumps and bruises on the land and sand and offers a barrier against the lake and seawater. The specialized case boasts built-in foam padding and two layers of high-quality PVC-plastic for maximum protection. It's as pressure, puncture, and water-resistant as these things get. And most importantly - it floats! That's right, should you fumble to snap a photo of a soaring eagle and drop your phone in the water, you'll be able to pluck it back out with ease, as long as it's within a CaliCase. No harm, no foul. Add it to your SUP must-have accessories cart today.

Shoulder Carry Strap

There's nothing as enjoyable as paddling your SeaGods board on a balmy day. Carrying a fully-inflated one to the shore, however, can kinda' suck. This is especially true if you aren't blessed with long arms. Fret not, because we've got you covered with our adjustable Shoulder Carry Strap. The strap features a slim padded shoulder piece for maximum comfort to help free up your hands to carry your board out to the water. Tethered to the ISUP's integrated clips can also serve as a step-up for those who have trouble getting back on the board from the water. You can even use it as an emergency tow strap should a paddle partner require assistance. Or you can clip one another's boards together for a paddle party, or whatever.  

Do you have any questions about the above SUP must-have accessories for this season? Feel free to contact us anytime.



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