Holiday / Christmas Gift Guide for Paddleboarders 2022

Christmas Gifts for Paddleboarders Canada 2022

The Holiday season is upon us. Whether you're hunting for that special something for the paddle boarder in your life, or you're the paddler and want to pass some ideas on to the gift-givers in your circle, we've got you covered.

Below is our annual Christmas gift guide for paddleboarders. It includes new SUPs, essential accessories, and fun gear to help you get more out of your adventures. And if you happen to find this article in November, you'll enjoy our unbeatable Black Friday Deals, which include 30% OFF on ALL Sea Gods stand-up paddle boards (in stock). Let's get to it!

Sea Gods 2022 Holiday Season Gift Guide for Stand-Up Paddle-Boarders Across Canada

For the Hardcore SUPer

Christmas Gifts for Paddleboarders Canada 2022 - avid

It can be a challenge shopping for advanced SUPers, which is why we're beginning here. As seasoned paddlers ourselves, Sea Gods understands the needs of hardcore paddlers better than most outdoor adventure retailers. We know that your SUPer is probably looking to expand and test their skills on the water for the year/s ahead. This makes the KETOS Racing ISUP an exquisite fit. Highly rated for tracking and speed, this board allows your SUPer to push the limits into the depths of the sea, even if things get a little choppy. Knowing that they'll go beyond the bounds from time to time, consider adding the premium Khimera Dual Flotation PFD as a supplementary gift. For their stocking, include this SUP cleaning trio, something they'll really appreciate as they put their ISUP and wetsuit to task more than most. Lastly (or alternatively), hook them up with the exclusive Sea Gods electric paddleboard pump, which features a rechargeable Li battery for ultimate convenience.


For the Intermediate SUPer

Christmas Gifts for Paddleboarders Canada 2022 - intermediate

They're not quite advanced, but not a beginner (below) either. So what do you get a paddle boarder with a couple of years of experience under their belt? The 2022 Carta Marina Touring SUP is an impeccable transition board. The Carta Marina allows your paddler to expand beyond their traditional ISUP into something that can handle more speed and tracking without sacrificing much in the way of stability.  Intermediate paddlers also get more daring over time. Given that they may not always choose to wear a traditional lifejacket or PFD, we recommend buying them the Mustang Survival Minimalism Manual Inflatable Belt Pack. This gift offers them the discrete minimalist design they now desire but still helps keep them protected. Great stocking stuffer options include our shoulder carry strap and an action camera mount so they can better record their progressively growing adventures.


For the Casual / Beginner SUPer

Christmas Gifts for Paddleboarders Canada 2022 - beginners

Your causal or beginner SUPer probably just rents a paddleboard from time to time. Or they may have bought a cheap one from Canadian Tire or Craigslist. Give them a chance to experience what paddle boarding can really be. Blow them away this Christmas by gifting them the best beginner ISUP on the market in Canada - the Diatom Ten6. With dimensions of 10'6" x 34" x 6", this military-grade board gets top grades for both maneuverability and stability. That said, if your SUPer falls more on the casual side of things, but has more natural skill than an average beginner, consider the best all-around ISUP in Canada - the 2022 Elemental Wave. It's our lightest-weight ISUP (causal SUPers hate heavy!) and is super stable on the water.

Casual and beginner SUPers are also often more invested in the #SUPlife. That means they might enjoy few novelty items - beyond those that make their paddling more efficient. For example, we know they'll dig our The Board is Just the Beginning hoodies (men's and women's) for those cool evening walks on the pier or seawall. For warmer days to come, give them a SeaGoddess Kiss (women's) or Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat (men's) tee. Add Bracelets for Charity and a No Bad Days sticker in their stocking for added Holiday cheer.


For the Little SUPer

Christmas Gifts for Paddleboarders Canada 2022  - kids

Do you want your young ones to spend less time on mobile devices in the new year? Mobilize and motivate them to get outdoors more by gifting them the Sea Gods 2022 ASR Inflatable Paddleboard for Kids. This easy-to-ride ISUP is rated high for stability and maneuverability but offers respectable tracking and speed capabilities for when they advance over the months/years to come. The ISUP features a hand-drawn logo by Disney artist Miles Vassos and comes with a complete accessories pack which includes an adjustable paddle, pump, fins, leash, backpack, and maintenance kit. For good measure, throw in some stocking stuffers in the form of this awesome Ocean Match education card game and a cool Sea Gods hoodie that they can rock on their next White Rock paddle out. And for your peace of mind, place a Mustang Survival PFD under the tree.


Remember, if you happen to find this 2022 Christmas Gift Guide for Paddleboarders in November, you can take advantage of our HUGE Black Friday sale. Even if you find us after the fact, you'll still enjoy FREE shipping across Canada. The new ISUP owner will receive a LIFETIME warranty on their ISUP and accompanying accessories. 

With Sea Gods, it feels like Holiday season all year long!

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