Sea God’s CX Technology:  What is Cross Weave Drop Stitch?

Sea God’s CX Technology:  What is Cross Weave Drop Stitch?
If you’ve been searching for the best paddleboards on the market, then you’ve probably heard of CX technology. But what is it? CX stands for cross weave, a drop stitch construction that creates a crisscross pattern that looks like a DNA double helix. This unique construction has been used by Sea Gods since October 2021 in the new cross touring board, the Skylla.  For 2023 all the new models will use this CX ultra light weight material.  But why does CX tech make the best boards? Read on to find out!

 What’s the Big Deal with CX?
The big deal is that this new technology allows boards to have the same strength and rigidity while using 20% less material. That means they are lighter and more portable than ever before. The crisscross pattern also adds extra stability, so if you’re looking for a board to get you through even the choppiest waters, this is the one for you!

But it isn’t just about the lightweight construction – Sea Gods has put this technology through rigorous testing to make sure it can stand up to the lifetime warranty. We tested paddling, inflating overpressure, jumping on it for flex tests and driving trucks over it multiple times – and it passed with flying colors. You can rest assured knowing your board will stand up to whatever adventure comes your way!

How Can Such a Light Board is also Durable?
CX technology has great potential when combined with slow construction techniques that prioritize quality. That’s why Sea Gods backs our boards with a lifetime warranty – we know that our construction team takes their time at each step, with  making sure each board is built right, by the most experienced tradespeople, there won’t have any issues down the line. So don’t be afraid to ask questions when shopping around – make sure your board has been made using slow construction techniques and 36 hour cure times so you can enjoy all the benefits of CX technology without worrying about its durability!

Paddleboarding has never been easier or more fun now that there are boards equipped with CX technology available on the market. Not only are these boards lightweight and portable, but they are also incredibly durable thanks to rigorous testing conducted by Sea Gods before being released into the wild. So if you want an adventure-ready paddleboard that won't let you down, look no further than one made from CX technology! Just make sure to do your research and confirm that your board was constructed slowly and carefully so you can enjoy all its benefits for years to come!
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