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Best Looking Inflatable Paddle Boards 2023

Best Looking Paddle Boards Inflatable 2023 - Canada USA Australia

Followers of our blog know that we devote a lot of time to discussing the functional benefits of Sea Gods paddleboards. We cover everything from manufacturing standards and our new Cross Weave Drop Stitch Technology to which boards are superior for paddling choppy water and beyond. Yes, indeed, we’ve poured blood, sweat, and saltwater into the design of our inflatable standup paddleboards (ISUPs). As a result, we can offer outdoor adventurers one of the most premium ISUPs in the world for safety and performance. We’re proudly unapologetic about this, because it’s all about serving YOU. 

However, we also know that paddlers are online searching for the “best looking paddle boards”. After all, a SUP is an extension of your persona. It represents you out there on the water. It rests next to you on the beach as you catch rays between sessions. It lays across the roof of your vehicle. It has become the subject of innumerable Instagram posts, stories, and reels. It may even stand in as a statement-making accent piece in your home when you’re not using it. 

We understand your desire for an aesthetically exciting SUP, so we’re stoked to present the best looking paddleboard product line around. If it sounds like we’re bragging - we are! But we’re not boasting about ourselves. Instead, we’re singing the praises of the talented and passionate artists who have honored us with their creations. Their designs are so breathtaking that you won’t want to deflate your ISUP. 

Below is a breakdown of our favourite designs for 2023. We have also provided links to learn more about the artists who helped create the best looking inflatable paddleboards … ever. 

“At Sea Gods, we believe your ride should inspire you; that is why we work with artists to create our ISUPs. Nature is divinely beautiful. Why shouldn't your board be too?”

~ Sea Gods Mission Statement ~

A Sneak Peak at the Best Looking Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle Boards for 2023 and Beyond

Skylla CX Cross Touring Inflatable Paddle Board

Artist: Pellvetica

Best Looking Paddle Boards 2023 - Skylla

Renowned interactive mural artists, Pellvetica, have reimagined the ancient Pegasus and given him/her a saltwater makeover. The illustrative masterwork is mind-blowing, and the kinetic effect encourages paddlers to get the most out of this ISUP, which is ranked high for tracking and maneuverability. View more on the Skylla CX Cross Touring Inflatable Paddle Board

Carta Marina CX Inflatable Paddle Board

Artist: Nautical Nonsense by Jenny Kirby 

Best Looking Paddleboards - Carta Marina CX

You’d have to venture into a tattoo parlor by the ocean to find a design like this. But even then, you’d be hard-pressed to score a piece with such insane attention to detail. Jenny Kirby of Nautical Nonsense has graced the top and underbelly of our 2023 Carta Marina CX ISUP with a dramatic scene that weaves a tale of adventures on the sea. It will inspire your own, but hopefully without the giant Kraken. View more on the new Carta Marina CX

Diatom Ten6 CX Inflatable Paddleboard

Artist: Jamie Locke

Best Looking Paddleboards 2023 - Diatom Ten6

We are excited to have Jamie part of the Sea Gods team for the launch of our Diatom Ten6. This board (her canvas) has been a consistent top-seller not just because it’s one of the best SUPs for beginners and intermediates but for the design that can best be described as a tantric kaleidoscope. View more on the 2023 Diatom Ten6 CX Inflatable Paddleboard.

Elemental Wave CX Inflatable Paddleboard

Artist: Heather Renaux 

Best Looking Paddleboards 2023 - Elemental

Pop-folk-surrealist painter and illustrator, Heather Renaux, has added the Sea Gods Elemental Wave CX Inflatable Paddleboard to her ever-growing series of “Mother Nature meets Dia de los Muertos” paintings. As one of the best looking paddle boards in the world (we’re calling it!), you’ll want to hang this one on the wall when not in use. View more on the 2023 Elemental Wave CX.

Medusa CX Inflatable Paddleboard

Artist: Christine Kuo


Best Looking Paddleboards 2023 - Medusa

Having studied in Paris, Christine Kuo has over a decade of experience in fashion design. Still, today she can be found adorning surfboards with beautiful marine life creations around Pacifica, Ocean Beach, and Half Moon Bay in the Bay Area of California. The hydrodynamic lines and smooth curves of surfboards and SUPs make for the perfect canvas for her detailed and meditative designs. The trio of colorful jellyfish on our Medusa CX Inflatable Paddleboard speaks volumes about her talent. View more.  

Since launching our latest SUP boards, we have gotten incredible reviews from Mermaid Enthusiasts from all over. Add one of Sea Gods’ best looking paddleboards to your quiver (or art collection?) for 2023. View them all right here, and feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

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