New Logo, New 2022 Board Line Up and More Surprises: Sea Gods is keeping it Fresh on the SUP Scene

sea gods paddleboard rebrand | 2022 inflatable paddle board launch
sea gods paddleboards rebrand | 2022 inflatable SUP Boards

We couldn’t be more excited to formally launch our 2022 product line. Sea Gods is a grassroots brand by two SUP enthusiasts who endeavour to connect people of all backgrounds to nature, artful living, and a renewed sense of adventure, which we think are hallmarks of SUP culture. Hence, Sea Gods isn’t just a Stand Up Paddle Board; it's an experience. 

Over the past four years, we have poured our heart and soul into refining our product’s design so that people of all skill levels can have an exceptional experience from the moment they start paddling. We’ve also partnered with incredible independent artists to give our boards a unique soul and identity in themselves. With this in mind, we wanted our logo to symbolize an elegant balance between engineering, art and transcendent experiences on the water. 

sea gods logo

Sea Gods’ new logo brings a sleek new look to go along with the gorgeous new 2022 SUPs. We have pushed the line for best design, and our skilled craftspeople have mastered the enhanced elements of our boards to make them even better, and we’ve launched exciting new products that we couldn’t be more enthusiastic about. 

Sea Gods 2022 Product Line

sea gods paddleboards _ 2022 inflatable SUP launch

Ketos – Inflatable Racing SUP board

ketos racing inflatable paddleboard

It's called the Ketos because the ancient greeks used that word to describe sea monsters, like whales. Bull whales race to establish dominance. That's exactly what this board does. It establishes Dominance. At 14 feet long 28 inches wide, the Ketos features a V-shaped hull and raised front end, promoting speed and super efficient tracking, helping riders cut through waves and choppy water conditions. This board uses our ultra light fusion technology, allowing it to be lightweight at just 24lbs, easy to travel with and stow away. Learn more about the Ketos Racing SUP.

Carta Marina – Touring SUP Board  

carta marina touring inflatable paddleboard

Experienced paddlers, this is one board you will love for its beautiful efficiency and smooth tracking for long-distance journeys on the water. And its artwork is legendary. We were privileged to have renowned Anishinaabe Woodland Artist, Mark Anthony Jacobson, create the "aadizookaan" or legend of the White Rock as artwork for the Carta Marina. What started as a hand-painted canvas became the Carta's artwork, both a love story and legend of White Rock, the erratic that Sea Gods' home city is named after. The Carta Marina represents Sea Gods’ step towards truth and reconciliation and our desire to see deeper connectedness and respect for Indigenous Canadians. Learn more about the Carta Marina Touring SUP.

*New* Skylla – Cross Touring SUP Board   

skylla cross touring inflatable paddleboard

Meet a cross between an all-around and a touring board, ideal for new - intermediate paddlers. Most technically advanced material, playful new shape,  3- dimensional artwork. At 11 feet long and 33 inches wide, Skylla uses Cross Weave drop stitch material which means that you can have the same rigidity of our other boards using half the strings, making this the lightest board in our lineup. At just 19 lbs, it’s perfect for hiking up to those remote lakes. Sea Gods were extremely excited to collaborate with Vancouver mural artists, Pellvetica, who have conjured up a majestic mythical sea creature that was previously ridden only by the Gods. Now it’s your turn. Learn more about the Skylla Cross Touring SUP Board.

Elemental Wave - All Around SUP Board 

elemental wave inflatable paddleboard

Whether you are new to paddle boarding or an experienced rider, the Elemental Wave is the board for you. Measuring in at 10 foot 6 inches by 32 inches, it’s a perfect combination of maneuverability, efficiency, tracking and stability that new paddlers are looking for. The artwork is a handpainted watercolour canvas by Colleen Wilcox, which features the flowing energy of the sea and the animals that reside above and below. At just 22 lbs, this board is lighter to carry and features D- ring attachments for a kayak seat if you wish to go fishing or for a longer paddle. Learn more about the Elemental Wave All Around SUP Board.

Diatom - All Around Stable 

diatom all around inflatable paddleboard

Our most popular board from years past and rated in the top 10 for paddle boards of its kind in 2021 - we refined the Diatom for 2022. Coming in at 2 inches wider than the Elemental Wave, just about anyone can feel confident to stand up right away, skip the learning curve and feel like a rockstar. It’s so stable that we often see riders doing yoga on this board. Diatom’s signature artwork is by Markovka, which features the awe-inspiring natural design of Diatoms (aka Phyto-plankton, aka Jewels of the sea) themselves. Originally a watercolour painting, Markovka captures the intricate and striking patterns of silica which make up the cellular wall of a Diatom. Learn more about the Diatom All Around SUP Board.

Infinite Mantra - Multiple Riders / Family / Yoga SUP Board 

infinite mantra inflatable yoga paddleboard

This is our most stable board, ideal for yoga and multiple riders. Aside from its wider dimension, one key difference of the Infinite Mantra is that it comes with a shoulder carrying strap. The pad area is clear of any center handle not to impede yoga poses. You also gain a little more comfort when laying down as you don’t have a handle in your back. The 2022 Infinite Mantra also features brand new artwork by Yoga Instructor / Digital Artist Lindsay Kokoska. She has created a stunning ethereal collage that combines transcendent and dream-like visuals from raw nature, geometry and heavenly bodies above. Learn more about the Infinite Mantra Yoga SUP Board.

ASR - Kids SUP Board (for riders 5 - 12 years old) 

asr kids sup board

The Sea Gods Family has been working on this board since our four-year-old first stood and Paddled into shore on her own.  Artist Olivia Di Liberto (Chillivia) came to our deck to meet our kids and sketched out their heart's deepest desires. We also had a special edition Sea Gods logo crafted by Disney artist Miles Vassos. This board will check all the boxes in your child's SUP wish list. It’s 8 feet x 28 inches, weighs just 15 lbs and can carry riders who weigh up to 120 lbs. Learn more about the ASR Kids SUP Board

*New* Argo - Tandem Kayak -  Sold in  Canada  Exclusively by Sea Gods

argos tandem inflatable kayak

Forget everything you know about inflatable kayaks - this one is going to blow your mind. It's rigid, comfy and super stable. Two riders have the freedom to stand up and paddle it or sit back and chill. The Argo is made with the same drop-stitch material as our boards, making it ultra-rigid and the perfect vessel for adventurers who enjoy kayaking but don’t have the room to store it all year round. Getting on the water with your partner has never been easier and more enjoyable with the Argo.   You won't find a Kayak like this anywhere else in Canada. Learn more about the Argo Tandem Inflatable Kayak.

*New* Calypso - Single Kayak - Sold in Canada Exclusively by Sea Gods

calypso single inflatable kayak

Like the Argo, but for One. The Calypso Inflatable Kayak enchants you to throw sensibility to the wind and enjoy your love of wandering water adventures. With a length of 12ft, 8 inches, a width of 33 inches, and a weight of 35 lbs, you can pack it up, hike it in, sit down or stand up. Calypso is the vessel that opens new horizons. Learn more about the Calypso Inflatable Kayak.

You won't find a kayak like this anywhere else in Canada.

*Launching soon* Agora – Floating Dock -  Game Changer for your summer getaway.

Game Changer for your summer getaway. Instantly create your own piece of paradise with the ultra-stable Agora floating dock. It comes with a ladder and an umbrella; users can directly lie on its comfy foam surface or feel confident relaxing on lawn chairs. The Agora also features several D- rings to tie SUPs and Kayaks to. Jump off, climb on, beat the heat and the crowds. Forget about scrambling up the shore as the tide comes in to soak your shoes and carry away your gear. Agora will give back hours to your day; just drop anchor and chill. 

Whether you are looking for speed, adventure or a retreat, we have premium products that have been meticulously handcrafted and designed to last. Click here to see the full line up or contact us directly if you have any questions. 

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