Which Touring iSUPs to Turn to for Your Adventures in 2022

Best Touring ISUP 2022 Canada  /  USA

Seeing as you're searching for information on the best touring inflatable stand up paddleboard (ISUP) on the market, you may already know exactly what touring refers to. But maybe not. To clarify, a touring board is designed for efficiency for longer-distance paddling and has more tie down areas to bring gear. A long pointed nose and flat tail helps it track straighter in the water and span small waves from wind, current, tide, and boat wake. A touring iSUP is great for any adventure where you want to go further, faster.

With the spring and summer fast approaching, you are determined to make your decision on which touring ISUP to buy for the season/s of adventure ahead. Below are our top picks for making that happen.

Top Touring Inflatable Stand-Up Paddleboards to Choose from in Canada for 2022 and Beyond

Skylla Cross-Touring ISUP 2022 

Best Touring ISUP 2022 Canada - Skylla Cross Tour Paddleboard

Wow. Skylla is a statement-making inflatable stand-up paddleboard. There's no denying that the biggest standout is the impactful seahorse design. But this ain't your typical docile sea creature. Brought to you by the creative minds (Sandy and Steve Pell) who hand painted the now-iconic mural  #KitsWings on the corner of Vancouver's Burrard St and West 4th Ave, Skylla Cross-Touring's fierce seahorse, named for one of the eight immortal horses that drew Poseiden’s chariot.

The cross touring ISUP'S dimensions stand firm at 11” x 33” x 6”, which is an ideal mix for touring and all-around stability, making this a very versatile and playful board.   Another innovation that makes this ISUP stand apart from many others is the newest Cross Weave Dropsitch Technology that drops a further 20% of weight while keeping its total strength and rigidity. When you are done paddling, you won't have to worry about an uphill hike back to your vehicle or cabin (etc.) when the board is deflated and tucked into your accompanying backpack. 

How can such durability be accomplished without a heavyweight trade-off? Because SeaGods employs the newest tech in drop-stitch, cross-weave, and military-grade construction. This ISUP features upgraded PVC ULF technology and heat-molded seams, an integrated seam reinforcing strip, and boasts the strongest PSI range for maximum rigidity and weight support - up to 350 lbs! The accessories (all included) are equally rugged yet lightweight. For instance, the Skylla Cross-Touring's carbon fibre 3-piece paddle is as easy to paddle with as it is to tuck into your pack and carry. In addition, the new and proprietary Kumano click-in fin system ensures that your keel stays secure while providing for balance and directional support. The added 11-foot SeaGods coil SUP leash is also secure and will keep you safely tethered to the watercraft even when you get knocked into (or dive into) the water. This touring ISUP also features add-ons that fans of SeaGods SUPs already know and love, including action camera mounts (four of them!), center and side grab handles, and the highest calibre bungee cargo tie-down area with triple reinforced stainless d-rings. These features are just the tip of the iceberg. View all specs for the Skylla Cross-Touring ISUP.

Carta Marina Touring ISUP 2022 

Best Touring ISUP SUP 2022 Canada

We've updated our Carta Marina Touring board (named one of the top ISUPs for choppy water) to make a big splash (proverbially, that is) in 2022. Like with our Skylla Cross-Touring board above, the aesthetic design alone blows the competition out of the water. Sorry, but we can’t help but beam with pride with the updates for the new season!Adorning the surface is the art from a hand-painted canvas by Anishinaabe Artist Mark Anthony Jacobson. The work tells the story of the Legend of the White Rock, a huge white erratic that you find today in the city of the same name. Mariners have used the monolith as a navigational aid ever since. You can infer why the design is apt for this particular ISUP, which will cut across even tumultuous waters to ensure that you make it home. 

The ISUP has a longer and slightly leaner "cut" than its sibling above, but with dimensions of 12” x 32” x 6” and a weight of 25.5 lbs you can see that it's made for touring and speed.. As all of Sea Gods’ SUPs, the Carta Marina also features exclusive Apollo UV protective spray glazing, double reinforced military PVC, heat-molded seams and extra seam strips for longevity, a diamond-pattern high-traction EVA pad with 5mm thickness and 50A rigidity, and more (view specs). 

The Carta Marina is a beautiful sleek ride, meticulously hand crafted to take on the most ambitious of long-distance paddling adventures. 

These top two touring ISUPs come with a lifetime warranty and FREE shipping across Canada and the USA. They also come with all of the accessories you need to get started and are compatible with add-ons such as kayak conversion seats. Unsure if one of these boards is for you? Fret not, as we also have a 30-day Love It Guarantee!

Feel free to contact us anytime if you have additional questions.


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