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How to Turn your Inflatable Paddleboard

How to Turn your Inflatable Paddleboard

There are 2 basic paddle strokes that get us around on our paddleboard one to move forward and the other to turn. Although there are a few different methods we can use for turning, they all use the basic sweep stroke as the main driver. What makes for an effective sweep stroke is the reach, the further we reach the better it works. in this session we are going to look at a few things we can focus on to create an effective sweep stroke.

The first thing we want to think about is keeping our body and our hands low. The lower we hold our paddle the further our reach will be. Begin by dropping down to a squat position and keep your hands below your chest.

Rotating with your body, reach the paddle blade to the tip of the board.

Now sweep the paddle out away from the board in a wide semi-circle, keeping the paddle blade in the water but at the surface of the water. Your arm should be fully extended and you should rotate with your body for the best result.

This nice wide sweep motion will turn your board effectively and can be used on it's own or in combination with the Cross Draw or Pivot Turn. A good sweep stroke will improve your ability to maneuver your paddle board regardless of the specific method you use.

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