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How to use the Cross Draw on your inflatable Paddle Board

How to use the Cross Draw on your inflatable Paddle Board

The Cross Draw is a great way to turn your paddle board while in motion while using the momentum of the board to do it. Continuing to follow through and finishing off with a sweep stroke can make for a very effective 180 degree turn.

This stroke requires a bit of flexibility and rotation of the core, for more tips on flexibility and balance see our post How to Balance on your Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard.

First we need a little bit of momentum, start with a few forward stokes to get up to speed.


A low center of gravity is key to balance and will allow us to gain a better reach with our paddle, so begin by lowering down to a squat position.

Next rotate with your body and reach your paddle blade to the tip of the board as if you were starting a sweep stroke.

instead of starting the sweep continue to rotate your body even further and reach your paddle over the tip of the board, holding it in the water on the other side, a couple feet from the edge of the board. To get the most from this stroke you will want to hold this position for several seconds until the momentum of the board slows.


As the momentum of the board slows we can now pull the paddle towards the tip and over the board to finish with a nice wide sweep stroke. Keep in mind most of the movement throughout this stroke should come from rotating your body as opposed to using your arms.

Once you get the hang of this stroke you will love the way it turns just using it's own momentum. You will find some boards turn faster than others with this stroke but this playful Elemental Wave gives me better than a 180  


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