Which is the Best Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board for Yoga?

Which is the Best Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board for Yoga?
Best Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board for Yoga Canada

If you want to take yoga out of the home or studio and onto the water then you need a dependable paddle board. You’ve compared the benefits and made the decision to buy an inflatable stand up paddle board (ISUP), but when shopping around you have found that there are more options and features than anticipated. Which are best suited to your inner yogi? Is there a board that speaks to your need for both function and metaphysical awakening? We believe there is. Let’s review.

What to Consider When Choosing an ISUP for Practicing Yoga on the Water

Finding Balance

Best Inflatable Paddle Board for Yoga

You need outdoor yoga to balance your chi but first, you must find balance on your board. The Infinite Mantra11 ISUP, designed with yoga in mind, is one of the sturdiest overall boards.

With impressive dimensions of 11’ x 34” x 6” and a full-sized yoga deck pad, it’s got the most girth and will allow you to hold your pose even when a jet-skier gets a little too close. The Infinity Mantra11 is not just a great ISUP for yoga, it’s a great board to take your dog out on too. While we can’t guarantee that you won’t get wet when doing a one-legged forearm wheel (Eka Pada Viparita Dandasana) you’ll certainly spend more time on the board than in the lake.

Best Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board for Yoga Canada - 2021 Infinite Mantra11

Attracting Positivity Through Better Traction

A stable board will help you perform ISUP yoga. However, you also need to keep a heel, ball of the foot, or palm from slipping when maintaining a pose on an often wet surface. Only then can you have a truly positive session. SeaGods helps you attain this through the provision of better traction via our diamond-patterned high-traction EVA pad with 5mm thickness and 50A rigidity. This feature is found on all of our paddle boards.

A Design for Peace of Mind

One of the reasons that you’re headed outdoors and on the water for yoga is that in addition to the fresh air and solace it affords unmatched scenery. Visuals are an important supplement for calming the mind, and as such Sea Gods take the concept a step further by designing ISUPs that are a feast for the eyes. Have a look at the artwork on our yoga-inspired Infinite Mantra11, which exhibits a simplified hybrid between a lotus flower and the mandala while the undercarriage reveals a reality-bending setting that only an enlightened mind could envision. Then there’s the Watercolor Mandala design on our Diatom Ten6 which has become one of the most popular ISUPs for yoga and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

Yoga is Life (for Life)

Water is life, and to you, so is yoga. It’s not a wellness trend it’s a way of living, and you want to be able to practice it on the water for decades to come. Maybe you’ll even hand it down to your son/daughter one day. Having to repair and upgrade boards along the way will create a hassle that can set your chi off-balance. With SeaGods you’ll find another way to achieve peace of mind. 

Our boards are constructed with premium materials for surpassed military-grade durability. The same is true of the accessories package that comes with your ISUP, which includes (but is not exclusive to) 3-piece carbon fiber paddle, an 11' coil leash, click-in fins, a double-action inflation pump, tie-downs for securing your cargo, and a convenient wheelie hiking backpack carry bag. Our boards come backed with a LIFETIME WARRANTY too. Yoga for life, indeed.

Contact us if you have any questions about any of the recommended ISUPs above.

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