Best Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board for Dogs 

Best Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board for Dogs 

Best Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board for Dogs Canada

You and your beloved furry companion go everywhere together. Shared activities include jogging, hiking, and a game of fetch at the park. But you also want them to come along on some more adventurous forms of recreation - including stand up paddling. You’ve weighed the benefits of an inflatable stand up paddle board (ISUP) but aren’t sure if they translate to what your dog needs to have a safe and fun time on the water. They do when you choose the right gear. Below is a breakdown of what to look for when picking an ISUP that your pup can enjoy too. 

What to Look for When Choosing an ISUP that You and Your Dog Can Paddle and Ride Together

Sturdier Board for Balance

Your dog may have the benefit of being on all-fours but that does not necessarily mean they will have equal or better balance than you on the lake. The vestibular system (which regulates balance) changes as your dog ages and over time they may experience disequilibrium when on a SUP. If your dog is in his/her senior years we do recommend a quick checkup with your vet to inquire about this, just to ensure that your dog is prepped to enjoy the experience. Either way, you will still want to choose an ISUP that is known for providing balance even when weight is unevenly distributed on the board. The Sea Gods Infinite Mantra 11 is perfect for you and your dog through all stages of your lives. The 11’ x 34” x 6” dimensions and impressive PSI range (tested above 20PSI) provide ultimate sturdiness and weight support. View more on the Infinite Mantra 11. Our Diatom Ten6 (10.6’ x 34” x 6”) is also a great option, and currently available for pre-order

Enhanced Traction for Their Paws

You have the biomechanics to twist and shift your feet and ankles and crinkle your toes to maintain footing when a board tips in the presence of a rough ripple in the water, but your dog’s paws do not. For this reason, ISUP traction is important. Not only do dogs require traction to maintain their position under, in front, or next to you on the board, it helps to have added grip for when they want to climb back after jumping into the water to play or chase a duck. An ISUP with a diamond-pattern high-traction EVA pad (w/5mm thickness and 50A rigidity) is prime and featured on ALL of the ISUPs currently available in the Sea Gods store. 

Mitigating the Appearance of Damage from Paws and Gnaws  

Unless you haven’t had a pedicure in years your dog’s paws will be the ones you need to watch out for when choosing an ISUP. All boards are susceptible to abrasions when an especially rambunctious pup scampers,  jumps off and climbs back on. If you’re introducing your puppy to the paddle board experience they may even gnaw on the edges of the board. This can happen as they enter the intensified chewing phase when their adult teeth come in. 

Ultimately, a SUP pup will definitely do some wear and tear on any inflatable stand up paddle board board and its deck pad. That said, the type of board you choose can help mitigate this. You’ll want to look for advanced PVC ULF fusion technology and heat moulded seams, super-reinforced 12800/M2 drop-stitch fabric, along with premium materials for surpassed military-grade durability for the ISUP and its many accessories. You also want the inflation valves to be of superior grade, as they make prime targets for teething pups. For the latter choose 29PSI rated Scoprega Inflation valves. As SUP pup lovers ourselves, we steer buyers towards the aforementioned Infinite Mantra 11, which has minimal printing on it, which will therefore show much less wear.  The Diatom Ten6 is also a good choice. 

Options to Capture Precious Moments With Your Pal

You want to document the amazing time you will have with your companion when paddling, but holding a paddle in one hand, and petting/settling your dog with the other leaves no extra limb for holding your GoPro. To ensure that you don’t miss out on prime memories and Instagram or YouTube opportunities you want to choose a SUP that captures video/photos from all angles. You’ll be pleased to know that the ISUPs in our store feature two bonus action camera mounts. Fasten in your GoPro (etc) and have a fascinating experience!

Easy to Travel With

It’s challenging enough to lug around a pet carrier at the airport when your dog is coming along on your vacation. Doing so to/from check-in (when they are small enough to board with you) or baggage claim when you also have a large paddle board in tow is impossible. Either your dog or your SUP will have to stay home unless there is another alternative. There is when choosing a Sea Gods ISUP. Our boards compress into a neat and easy compact form that fits (with accessories!) snug into our wheeled hiking backpack - which comes as part of the ISUP package. Compactness and convenience is key when travelling with your dog and your inflatable stand up paddle board. Sea Gods SUPs will be able to join both of you whether travelling via plane, train, or automobile. 

Have questions about which of the Sea Gods boards will be best suited to your small, medium, or large dog? Feel free to contact us anytime. Once you do get out there and enjoy your days together on Sea Gods SUP please tag us on Facebook or Instagram when posting photos of you and your cherished pet.

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