Why Buy Your Kid an ISUP This Christmas 

SUP Christmas Gifts Canada - inflatable paddle board

It's never too early to start shopping for the Holidays, especially for the more fickle members of your household - your kids. You want to get them something useful, meaningful, and downright mind-blowing, which is why you're considering an inflatable stand-up paddleboard (ISUP). Your family may have rented them last summer and had a blast, or your child may have casually expressed an interest in paddling over the last few months. Whether they're experienced or not it's a great idea. Here's why.

Six Reasons to Place an Inflatable Stand-Up Paddleboard for Your Kid/s Under the Tree This Holiday Season

1. A Gift That Gets Them Outdoors

Year after year kids across Canada receive all of the latest web-enabled gadgets for the Holidays. From an early age, they're unwrapping tablets, devices, and gaming consoles, and pulling gift cards for iTunes out of their stockings. This year you want things to be different. You've pledged to limit how much time they spend in front of screens, and want them to experience more in the great outdoors. There is nary a better way to get them excited about doing so than by gifting them their very own ISUP. Better yet, by rewarding yourself with one as well, you will have a healthy activity to enjoy together as a family. That's what the Holidays are all about!

2. A Gift They Can Use All Year Long

You may be concerned that the ISUP won't be used until the summer, but that's a major misnomer. Throughout Canada, there are a number of waterways that you and your kids can paddle in the autumn, winter, and early spring. View our tips for paddling in cooler weather. That said, some of you live in places where winter temperatures hover well below freezing. Fret not, because with an inflatable board (vs solid) your kids can pack their SUP and bring it along on your family's winter vacation to a warmer destination. 

3. A Great Combo-Present for Siblings

If you have two or more kids that are close in age, an ISUP makes for a fantastic present that they can share (in addition to their individual gifts, of course). This way you facilitate healthy outdoor experiences for all of your kids while teaching them valuable lessons about sharing. Doing so also mitigates the risk of a SUP going unused in the future. At least one of them will stick with it! 

4. It Fits Under the Tree (in disguise!)

Seeing as traditional fibreglass stand-up paddleboards are often much taller than your Christmas tree, they aren't very practical as gifts. An inflatable board, however, fits compact into its carry bag and can be placed in a box under the pine, with your recipient-to-be being none the wiser.  

5. They Won't See It Coming!

As your kids get older it gets harder to surprise them, and as each year progresses you scramble for ideas that will bring the amazement back to Christmas morning. Trust us, they won't see this one coming. Just be sure to hide it carefully in secret storage until it's ready to be wrapped.

6. Which is the Best ISUP for Kids?

SUP Christmas Gifts Canada - kids stand up paddle board

You're sold on the prospect of buying an ISUP for your kids this Christmas. But now comes the next challenging decision - which is the best one for them? When it comes to your children, you need an ISUP that is not only safe, convenient, and comfortable for them to use, but one that looks awesome (to them). 

SeaGods' Adult Supervision Required (ASR) child's paddleboard considers it all. For one, the three integrated rubber fins will help you and your young one/s paddle out without hassle. In addition, the adjustable paddle has been designed to grow as they do, while the sturdy inflatable board itself is easy for them to carry, paddle, and maneuver. If they get tired and want to jump back onto your board, you can hitch them up and tow them behind your own SeaGods board until they are ready to paddle on their own once again. And what if your children are no longer "kids", but full-fledged teenagers? We've got you covered there too. View our guide to the best paddleboards for teens.

Reminder: Don't forget to pick them up an age-appropriate PFD and some cool SeaGods accessories too! 

If you have any questions about SeaGods' ASR children's ISUP, or want to find out if you can have it shipped to you before or the Holidays are over, feel free to contact us today.

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