Where are our Boards Made?

Where are our Boards Made?

Some of you fine folks have asked the question, where do our boards come from. Well there is a very short answer to that question that begs a bit of a story….

The Truth is like most SUP brands, our boards are mass produced in China. We source from Various manufacturers at the end of the year to check for quality to ensure that our specifications can be met. But the path to our boards getting built starts loooong before that.

For some of our boards like the Medusa 119 the body is made in China, the pad is made in USA, and the final product is assembled in Canada.

We work with board shapers from overseas as well as in house using Shape3D-x. We try various samples of shapes throughout the construction process to see what works and what doesn’t work. Our boards all have a purpose and we want to ensure that they serve that purpose (besides giving you a great time on the water).

We work with “No-Spec” independent artist to bring ideas to life using our boards as a canvas. All of our artists come from the coast where a lifestyle by the sea part of the inspiration for all of our designs.

We then put all the components together in White Rock, create our detailed specs and produce samples using multiple manufacturer’s. Once we determine the sample meet our standards, they then go into mass production.

All our boards come with a 1yr limited warranty that guarantees their quality and ensures that they will be free from defects or we will replace it.


We hope you enjoy our boards as much as we enjoyed producing them and using them ourselves!




Sea Gods Founder

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