Stand Up Paddle Board Gift Ideas for Mom

inflatable paddle board canada
Stand Up Paddle Board Gifts Canada

Mother’s Day is upon us and you’re on the hunt for the perfect gift for the super mom in your life. However, you’re tired of spending money on spa days that only provide fleeting moments (an hour or two) of repose. Instead, you’re hunting for a more inspired present that she can enjoy for years to come, one that will provide an escape from daily responsibilities while quenching her thirst for adventure. What better way to say THANKS for all that she does than by setting her free on the open water with her very own SUP!? Sea Gods is here to lend a helping hand (and paddle) with our recommendations for the treasured matriarch of your family.

Three Great Gift Ideas for Stand-Up Paddle Boarding Super Moms

The Infinite Mantra11 ISUP

ISUP Paddle Board Gifts Canada

Mothers juggle innumerable daily duties, so when it comes to “me” time even the most adventurous among them appreciate some added support. The Infinite Mantra11 inflatable stand up paddleboard provides exactly that. With dimensions of 11’ x 34” x 6” it is the sturdiest of Sea Gods’ ISUPs, and provides stability and balance even when the literal and proverbial seas get a bit bumpy. And if she practices yoga you will have found a two-for-one gift as the Infinite Mantra11 (complete with a yoga deck pad) is one of our top ISUPs for yoga enthusiasts.

The Inflatable Mantra11 is even perfect for mothers who count pups among the Ohana! And due to the impressive size and stability it’s also a great idea for the venturesome grandmothers out there. Factor in the lifetime warranty on the Infinite Mantra11 (and accessories) you will indeed be granting a gift that keeps on giving.

Elemental Wave Ten6

Stand Up Paddle Board Gifts Canada

While the Infinite Mantra11 ISUP is an amazing option for hardworking moms, we can’t ignore the Elemental Wave Ten6. We consider this option to be the best all-around ISUP, and for many moms, it makes the most sense. 

For instance, if she wants to take the younger-smaller kids out for a paddle every once in a while, the 10’6” x 32” x 6” ISUP provides for a great transition from solo to family tandem sessions. This board can manage a rider weight of up to 250 lbs. Despite it being super sturdy, the Elemental is the smallest of our ISUPs which makes it convenient to pack up and carry, especially when deflated and tucked into her Sea Gods wheelie hiking backpack carry-bag. This convenience is most certainly appreciated not only when bringing the kids to the beach, but if/when she is travelling for work (or play) and wants to bring her favourite recreational toy along for the ride or flight. Like we said - moms today do it ALL and it’s important to get a SUP that does so too!

View more on the Elemental Wave Ten6.


Her safety is EVERYTHING. Heck, moms aren’t even “allowed” to come down with the common cold because without her functioning at 100% the whole system falls apart! So when it comes to her stand up paddling adventures the family needs peace of mind that she is protected with the top personal floatation devices (PFD) for SUPs on the market. Having been in the SUP game for quite some time we have had more than our fair share of experience with PFDs and life jackets. Like with anything, there are great options, and not-so-great options available in Canada. One brand that we have come to trust over the years, is Mustang Survival. Below are some PFD options to consider for her:

View more on the recommended SUP PFDs that will help keep her safe and feeling more confident out on the water. 

Every mom is unique in their own awesome way, so we encourage you to have a look at our other paddleboards and SUP accessories to see if you can find something best suited to her. And if you have questions about designs, shipping, and more feel free to contact us anytime. 

~ Happy Mother’s Day (365 Days of the Year) ~


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