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Stand Up Paddleboard Best Gift Guide for 2024

gift guide from sea gods stand up paddleboards with santa on a paddleboard with gifts

Stand Up Paddleboard Gift Guide 

Christmas is the most magical time of year to share the gift of adventure- Stand up Paddle board adventures- with all the people you love.  We understand that it can feel a bit stressful to do the shopping for all the fiends and family you don’t see nearly often enough, or for those loved ones who we want to treat but seem to have everything.

Here at Sea Gods we don’t offer anything that we the founders don’t love and use ourselves.  We only like the best and we source as many accessories made in Canada as possible. You can feel confident  buying a board for your special someone while the deals are great, (even if that someone is yourself!) and if you are having a tough time deciding which board is best, Sea Gods if famous for our amazing customer service by SUP professionals, so we are happy to help you pick the perfect board.

Here we will break it down to gifts by budget- No matter what your budget, we can help you out.

Lets start with the little stuff:

Gifts for stand up paddleboarders under 50 dollars

Gifts under $50

Phone case:  We have been there, it’s a gorgeous day and you are snapping a selfie when a little cross wave surprises you and you fumble your lifeline straight down to Davey Jones.  Maybe you can dive down to retrieve it but guess what- waterproof does not mean SALT water proof for those charger ports.  Cali Case is by far the best of all the phone cases we have tried- it floats, its reliable and it comes in different sizes and colours.  Any SUP enthusiast would love this in their stocking.

Shoulder Carry Strap: Sometimes you just need another hand.  With the shoulder carry strap you can give your loved one a free hand by setting them up with the shoulder carry strap to help get their board out to the water and still hang on to the cooler and the dog leash.  It simply clips onto the Kayak conversion D rings on any Sea Gods board (except the race and kids board)

Action Camera Mount:  It’s the little things that can take your enjoyment to the next level.  Setting up the GoPro on the board and nowt worrying about being an active camera man is easy with this little doohicky that attaches to any Sea Gods paddle board.


Kayak paddle blade:  Sometimes folks like to take it easy on their knees or bum and have a double sided paddle.  We don’t judge, we totally SUPport you with all the accessories to enjoy your board as you like.  This little blade just slides in your 3 piece paddle instead of the handle and you are set for double the strokes and all of the stoke.

Cup Holder:  When it’s a chill vibe kinda day and you just want to float out in the cool water with a bevy, throw a few casts and have you phone close for that zoom meeting you may or may not ditch out on- we’ve got you covered.  This good looking deep blue cup holder screws into the front of any Sea Gods board and secures your open can, your fish hooks and your phone.

Gifts for stand up paddleboarders under 100 dollars

Gifts Under $100

Kayak Seat: Sit back and relax with the Herman Miller of kayak seats.  We made this one super cush with supportive pads, sturdy high back rest and most importantly, grooves to channel out any splashes so you are not sitting in a puddle. 


Cleaning Trio:  This is going to be better received than that time your Dad wrapped a new vacuum cleaner for your Mother… This is a made in Canada, environmentally friendly set of marine cleaners that will keep their board looking fresh and gliding smooth, plus add years to its lifespan.

Waterproof Marine Light:  Especially now with our shorter days, this little beauty is perfect to bring you home safely after a sunset paddle.  It mounts right to any Sea Gods board and makes sure that you can see and be seen- it has 3 settings, bright, REALLY bright and strobe.

Loko Desert Cooler:  We have enjoyed many a SUP picnic and tried a lot of coolers.  This one not only looks the best, it performs the best.  It attaches to the D rings and stays secure while keeping your snacks and bevies dry and cool.  Two of my favorite features is the ability to zip up into a smaller cooler and the padded shoulder carry strap to make it easy to carry out.

Ankr Anchor Bag:  Another amazing Made in Canada stand up paddleboard accessory-  these bags are the perfect solution for chill paddle sessions.  Instead of lugging an extra 10 lb weight (especially after purchasing a super light weight paddle board), you just fill this well crafted bag with rocks or sand from your launch site and use the included carabiner and rope to tied to the board.  Find your perfect chill spot and anchor away!

 gifts for stand up paddleboarders under 200 dollars

Gifts Under $200

Mustang Survival Minimalist PFD:  When you want to keep your loved ones safe, give them a PFD that they can’t complain to wear.  This convenient belt pack is as slim as they come and has an emergency pull cord.  The stylish blue looks good with any swim suit and won’t cramp their paddle style.  Also comes in red and grey.


Battery Pump:  If the manual inflation is what is stopping them from getting out as often as they like, this is a must have.  The best part about the Sea Gods Battery Electric Pump is that you can use it anywhere and not be tethered to your vehicle.  Connect it, set it to up to 16 PSI and walk away to get your sunscreen applied.  Its super convenient and they will always think good thoughts of you when they use it.

Gifts Over $200

Mustang Khimera:   The best vest PFD hands down.  Low profile, soft, adjustable, comfortable and has a pull cord for emergency extra flotation.   This is the best choice when you are paddling for distance or in the shoulder seasons.  My favorite feature?  The pocket in the front! 

Big box with a paddleboard under the tree

The Big Box Wrapped with a Bow

Of course, you might want to go all the way with the big box- a better board than they already have!  The Elemental Wave all around is great for most riders under 200 lb and the Carta Marina is a clear choice for those more adventurous who want to go further.  If extra stability seems important a lot of folks (especially women) prefer the Diatom all around stable, and if you just are not sure then please reach out to us and we are happy to talk it over and make the best choice.  If you get it wrong, no worries.  We offer a Love it Guarantee, because we want giving a Sea Gods Board to your lucky loved one to be exciting and stress free.

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