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Why an Inflatable Paddle Board is the Best Black Friday Sale Purchase You'll Ever Make

Inflatable Paddle Board Black Friday Sale Canada 2021

Black Friday is upon us. You've vowed not to make the same mistake you've made over the last decade - buying gadgets and gaming systems you don't need because of rock-bottom prices. Instead, you want to purchase something that will actually do you and your household some good. That's why you're online and searching for an inflatable paddle board Black Friday sale. Still unsure if you should pull the trigger? Allow us to explain why now is the time to get the ISUP you've always dreamed of.

5 Reasons Why It's a Great Idea to Buy an Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board this Black Friday

1. You'll Actually Use It

As alluded to above, you're tired of getting caught up in the Black Friday frenzy, buying things your household doesn't need. How many more garage sales do you have left to get rid of it all? Instead, an ISUP is something that you know you'll use, which means you'll get a return on your investment for years to come. Keep reading.

2. It Doesn't "Expire"

The most common purchases made in Canada on Black Friday are electronics. While gaming consoles, TVs, tablets, and other web-enabled devices can certainly be a blast - there's one problem. They have an expiration date. They go bad faster than that 4-liter of eggnog. That's why prices are slashed on these devices. As each year passes, the tech gradually becomes obsolete, and you find yourself repeating the purchase process all over again. 

Do you know what doesn't become obsolete? A premium inflatable paddle board. While there may be small updates to add new aesthetic designs and accessories - a premium ISUP purchased today will work just as great in two, five, or even 10-years from now. And if for some reason there's an issue, you'll find peace of mind in knowing that you chose one with a lifetime warranty

3. An Investment in Your Household's Health and Wellness

We know those New Year resolutions don't begin until January 2nd, but why not set the table for your pledge to live a more active life in 2024 today? An ISUP is not some whimsical purchase like most Black Friday sale scores. It's an investment in your entire household's health and wellness. While you can try to hold out until it's time to lean into your NY resolutions, we have a feeling that you'll be itching to get your feet wet with this new purchase before the ball drops at the end of the annum. And don't worry, you can paddle board at this time of the year, even in Canada!

4. Blowout Price on Premium ISUPs

You've walked into a couple of brick and mortar outdoor adventure retailers to check out supposed sales on ISUPs. What do you see? 10% off? Maybe 20%? Not exactly Black Friday worthy. The issue is that they have a lot of overhead to cover by running a store. Their hands are tied when it comes to selling large gear such as paddle boards. But don't worry, you're not out of luck. Right now, one of the best Black Friday deals on inflatable paddle boards is happening right here. Sea Gods is happy to offer up to 50% OFF  on our best selling ISUPs. View the details here. But that's not all, as we offer FREE shipping to anywhere in Canada and the continental US.

5. Makes a GREAT Christmas Gift Too

You're on board with getting a paddle board this Black Friday, but allow us to also provide an added assist with your Christmas shopping. At up to 50% OFF regularly priced boards and FREE shipping, it makes sense to consider an ISUP for that special someone in your life. Our on-sale ISUPs are an amazing gift idea for moms, dads, teens, and even active grandparents.

Click here to start shopping!  

If you have any questions about our Black Friday inflatable paddle board sale, or anything else, feel free to contact SeaGods anytime.

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